Friday, March 28, 2008

Thank God it's Friday?

What's Jack up to? I suspect he's still miffed at me for sneaking him off to the vet yesterday. Sorry, Jack, but it the shots are required by law, I think?

I can't belive Friday has come so fast. For me it was too fast.
One of the things on my to-do list this week was to carve out a more concrete space for myself. I have no real office space in my house. I tried the basement, but it felt like a dungeon to me and I ended up right back upstairs on my bed with piles upon piles by my bedside and the DH telling me it was a fire hazard.

But this week I got these two slim shelves and hung my dry-erase idea board in the breakfast nook off the kitchen claiming it for myself. Cute huh?

How soon before there are piles and piles all around? Gee, I hope not too soon.

For other cool looks at work spaces head on over to my friend pve design's blog. All week she's been showing desk vignettes giving us peeks into other's worlds. It's fun.

In honor of my new/old space and for some inspiration here's one of my favorite clips from Pride and Prejudice. Oh, Mr. Darcy how I love thee!
I hope you have a lovely weekend.



C. K. said...

*sigh* I love Mr. Darcy.

C. K. said...

Have yourself a good weekend too!

pve design said...

Guess my posts inspired and perhaps even gave a little pressure for you to get your writing nook ready for a brilliant book! What are friends for!
Yes, indeed, thank goodness it is friday!
Thanks for the mention.... will post your nook today!

pve design said...

Be still my heart.

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

I also don't have a designated writing area. I do have a computer armoire in my living room with my desktop in it, yet still always find myself lounging on the couch and writing on my laptop. Happy weekend!

Kwana said...

Thanks C.K.!

Yes, pve. You are always an inspiration. I sure hope to write something even slightly brilliant.

Hi, Single City Chick. Well, back and shoulder problems are forcing me off my bed. It's really for the best. Happy weekend!

Kwana said...
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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

What a cute office!!!! I created a small office in the back of my apt. that is so nice. The only problem is that I never go in there. I'm surrounded by all of my books and magazines in the living room!!!

Red River Interiors said...


Great post! I dont know where to start with my comments, but I will say the clip was fun to watch....Loved it.
"I hope your pain will be of short duration." What a line to the smug Mr. can't wait to use that line on someone this week.
Now, for your work area. What a joy and a pleasure it is to have a space of one's own. You must make whatever increment of space comfortable, inspiring and beautiful for yourself. It will make a big difference for you. I was watching Oprah years ago and saw Chris Madden ( the designer)on with a new book, "A Room of Her Own". It inspired me greatly. I started out with a small space in our bedroom, my decorating books and magazines on a shelf but had too many interuptions from my husband and son.
Last year I declared no more guest romm in our 3bdrm townhouse!I tokover the guest room. I moved my desk,books,fabric samples and desktop into that room. I had it painted and use oversized push pins in the wall over my desk as an inspiration board. It's great! I'm often up until 1:00AM blogging and formulating new ideas to take this blog and my writing to the next level....No intrruptions. Often the door is closed and I sip tea, munch cookies and turn off the world in there. I suppose I'm saying all of this to say, "You must be vigilant about your space." Guard and cherish it. Make it your own...light a scented candle in honor of you,add a single flower in a bud vaseon your table. Your best thoughts and work will happen for you there as you snuggle into your new space.It will make all the difference in the world. Good Luck!...Keep me posted... Fay

Kwana said...

Hi Brown Girl. It's lovely that you have a space to call you own though. But in the end you haev to go where you're the most comfortable.

Kwana said...

Hi Red River,

Thanks for visiting and your comments. I'm a huge fan of your blog!

For so long I've wanted a room of my own. I think I remember that Oprah show. My little space doesn't have a door since it's really part of the kitchen. But for most of the day it's all mine!
I don't think I'll have a door until my dear twins are off on their own or I can build another rooom. But I will follow your advice and cherish my space and use it well.

Don't forget to use your P and P line this week!

Jodie said...

Ok. You are my new BFF. You posted a clip of P&P!! ((My sweet Eliza and my ravishing Mr. Darcy, oh how I love thee.)) ;)

I'm with c.k. I love Mr. Darcy. He has bewitched me both heart and soul.

Kwana said...

Thanks Jodie. Always good to make another P & P friend. I'm nuts for it. I've just about worn my DVD out!

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