Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blogging Project Runway- the finale!

What's Jack up to? He's on time-out this morning for climbing on the kitchen table and eating the DD's strawberry oatmeal. Jack stay off the table. Yech!

So here it is. The end and I already feel a sense of loss. Wednesdays won't be the same for me.
Okay the shows starting. Eeee... Here are just my random thoughts as the show goes on.
Jillian will you listen to Tim and get rid of that wacky sleeved sweater? No? sigh, ok.
Christian is so nervous. It's sweet. He actually has nice things to say about his competitors. At least for now. How much do I love that he said he walked around in the shoes for a week so thinks the models should be able to do it too. Oh, Christian!

I love watching the designers come up with the total look. Hair, makeup and all. Not to into the strange braids though.
Tim's last 'gather 'round' makes me want to cry. Tim can you be my life coach?
Ok here it is the final show. Down to business.
And the surprise guest judge is... wait for it... Victoria 'Posh' Beckham. Love her!!! Major!

Oh, Christian saying everyone looks fierce? Was that for me? Ahh Mango! I'll miss you so. (shout out to David Dust)

Well, I am a total Bravo nerd (could you tell) so at the last minute I pulled out my note pad and decided to score each outfit with this scale: L=love, H=hate and OK=it's ok

Here is my scoring:
Good for her with the knits, but not cohesive. and some of the proportions were off to me.

Some real beauties. The weaving was amazing! But his quirky color sense was not good.

Love the black, love the hats, love the total look of the collection.

By that calculation and 25% for total cohesive look. Christian should win for me, with Rami second and Jillian 3rd. But all did a great job. What a night! What a fashion nerd I am!
Uh-oh now the deliberation. Stomach knot. Tension, tension.
Commercial. Ugh.

We're back! It's so hard. No tears, you'll make me cry.
Aww, Jillian Bye bye. Mar are you ok?

Oh, it's down to Rami and Cristian where I knew it would be. Nail bite alert!

Christian is it. What!!! Mango did it and at 21! I'm happy with this outcome.

Things I'll miss after today: Christian model walking, hearing "fierce", Chris' laugh, Tim Gunn.
Thanks Project Runway. Bring on Top Chef!



keri mikulski :) said...

Hey, Kwana, Great coverage.. I have to agree with the judges. Rami's collection was my fave. I didn't like Christian's fluffy feathered dress.

Kwana said...

I'm glad you like the recap Keri. I thought Rami had some great elements like the weaving but his color sense threw me off.
It was a really fun season and they all did amazing jobs.
I can apprecite the work on the crazy featherd dress although it's tough. said...

you know what, project runway may be over but bravo tv is sure to send over something equally exciting. i mean did you see the commercial for top chef. true they are not so good looking there but the food they make is breathtaking!

Kwana said...

Thanks for stopping by Mommytherobot. I am so looking forward to Top Chef. Sure there's no Tre or Sam, but I can get excited about the food too!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Great recap!!! I could've just read your blog instead of torturing myself to stay up and watch it (I was soooo tired yesterday).

I had a feeling Christian would win! He is super talented to only be 22 years old!! He had such a big, charismatic personality -- especially in contrast to Jillian!

Anyway, I can't wait for Top Chef to return!!

Kwana said...

Thanks for visiting Brown Girl. It's good you watched my recap couldn't do it justice:)

I can't wait for Top Chef too.

Casey said...

I am so upset, I missed it :(

Kwana said...

Don't worry Casey. Bravo does lots of repeats.

David Dust said...

Kwana - what are we going to do without Project Runway.

Mango was FIERCE...and MAJOR last night!

Click here for DavidDust's Project Runway Recap. your hair!

Kwana said...

Thanks, David I just forwarded your recap to some friends. It was perfect.
I'll be reading it again later for comic relief from life.

Moving on to Top Chef. I'll be posting soon about my encounter with Sam!

Marley Gibson said...

I never, ever, ever, ever thought I'd say this, but in the end, I'm glad that Christian won. When I saw his life in New York and learned about his background, he grew on me. I realize the way he's been acting is his way of dealing with things. His collecting was....AMAZING. Good for him.

Kwana said...

Oh, Marley I can't belive you went over to the "fierce" side. Christian has that effect. I was so happy for him and his fear at the end really got to me. It was a good PR season.

Jodie said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment on my blog! I'm so flattered. :) And I love "meeting" new friends on the interweb. ;) I'm really enjoying your blog - I'll be checking in on the regular I'm sure.

We don't even catch Bravo - so I've never seen P.R. though I've heard alot about it... but just reading your recap made it interesting for me. :) You made me giggle.

Oh - and as an aside - I'm a twin. So I'm always strongly drawn to people with twins. I'm prone to like you already! ;)

Kwana said...

Thanks Jodie. I'm sorry you missed PR ut if you can catch Top Chef of Wednesda night at 10:00. It's the first show of the new season. I'll be blogging about it! Always great to meet a twin.

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