Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Talking ANTM

What's Jack up to? It's getting to his bedtime and he's caused enough havoc for the day. The funniest was when I accidentally closed him in the hall closet and was looking all over for him. Didn't bother Jack. He loved sleeping with the snow boots.

Here are my thoughts on ANTM as they came to me. Welcome to my brain.

I know the product placement in all over the place, but the Apple Bottom stuff is a bit much.

Ugh the show just began and Fatima is already started. Eek. That girl needs a censor. But Miss Allison then cynical stuff is dangerous girl. She steps much further and he may get knocked out by one of the girls. I missed what she really said to tick Fatima off, but I did hear a lot of black girl stuff. Duh? Do you realize there is a camera there and you have to go back out in the real world.

Is it just me or is the reading of the Tyra mail out loud by the group way too annoying? Come on, I know it's not just me.

Not much drama in the makeovers. Except what Tyra added with her mimicking commentary. Was that necessary? My favorite makeovers were Claire and Fatima. The short blond hair was fab and the long dark hair did wonders for Fatima.

Ok more product placement. At least Elle is adding to the show and not just there to see her wares. Can we discuss how great she looks and the fact that she's older than me! What am I doing wrong? Note to self: sleep on treadmill.

I like the photo shoot on the boat idea. Nice use of NYC. I think Alison may be out. We'll see or it could be Lauren or Dominique.

Oh, no. they are all reading the mail again. "One of you will be eliminated!" We know, we know.

Deliberation. Lauren 'aint going nowhere. Tyra loves the awkwardness. Allison gets props for bringing the cockiness to the judges. Good TV. Not too smart.

(we interrupt this broadcast with snide comments from a teen. Ugh. Not while Top Model is on kid. watch it)

Sorry, Back to regular programing:

Commercial: Hey Claire was the CoverGirl of the week! I knew I saw something last week.

Deliberation. Hmm...I do really like Paulina. A little sharp she is, yes?

Trya stands with photos. Very dramatic? At least she's trying.

Lauren called first? What?!!! They robbed Marvita of her first place. Ugh.

Just chill, Kwana. It's only TV.

Uh-oh. Down to Allison and Dominique. Will they keep Allison for her attitude and fire on the show? Tension, tension.

Surprise Allison is gone. Well, take the lesson girl and work with it. A satisfying ending.


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