Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A New Earth, really?

What's Jack up to? Well he still needs a haircut but he's no longer a stinky dog. Thank goodness. Check out the video at the end to see how nutty Jack is when wet. He just hates it, but does he have to dry off on my couch?

Thanks to all of you who visited yesterday!

The whole Love and Consequences memoir hoax discussion was really great and very important. Feel free to continue to share you thoughts.

The more I thought about the whole subject, the angrier I got. And what really got to me was the underlying exploitism of the races that I saw there. The fact that Jones thought somehow that her lie was justified because she was giving a voice to people who didn't have one. Ugh. Talk about a big ego. As if she was somehow more qualified to write the story than say a real girl who grew up in that time and that environment. Pluh-ease.

Speaking of ego. I watched the Oprah webcast of A New Earth and about five minutes into it I was pleasantly surprised at how many points spoke to me.

They talked about ideas like getting out of your head and stillness and stopping the mental noise which is something that I've been striving for especially with the stress in my life and my migraines. They also addressed those who were struggling with the tough 1st chapter of the book. See we are not alone! It does get easier. Another thing addressed was all the questions people had about dealing with this book along with their religion which was a real issue for me as a Christan. More to come.

I won't recommend this as something you must read or listen to and follow because that's not for me to do and I'm still working on myself and how to incorporate these thoughts into my life and my beliefs, but I would recommend going to Oprah's site and watching some of the webcast. It's up there now for anyone to watch. That way you can judge for yourself. If you're reading the book it made it a lot easier to understand. I was so not feeling on the same planet as Tolle when I was just reading. Now I think I may be. I do like they he said he didn't want to be any ones Guru. I always question those that want to lead and have power. go judge for yourself and feel free to come back here and chat.

Oh, Did any one see Paris Hilton hanging out with a shaman and giving away diamond necklaces? What up with dat? Discuss amongst yourselves. I just can't...
photo thanks to The Bosh. eek.



Project Runway finale tonight!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! We'll chat tomorrow.


pve design said...

Perhaps Jack thinks that green couch is after all -
"A new Earthy!" Boy is he a cutie-pie after a bath!
( I watched the video 5 times!)

Thought about your migraines and perhaps all this-
"Love and Consequences" is causing them. I mean, why not try to pitch a memoir all about your real migraines- there must be others who suffer from this debilitating pain. ( Cure - please for my friend!!)

I am impressed that you can post through it - but then again, diamonds are a girls best friend, oh Paris.

Kwana said...

Thanks Patricia. From your mouth to God's ears. I'm hopeful that some solution will come for me for the migraines. Who knows, maybe even today!

I know there is a memoir in me but like I told my mom. I'll have to have a therapist on speed dial and a lawyer on retainer! LOL.

keri mikulski :) said...

Okay, Kwana. I'm going to find my copy of "A New Earth" and look past the crayon drawings and dig in. Ever since Jim Carrey said it changed his life, I'm interested. Good luck with the migraines. Ouch. :( Yes, I did see the pictures of Paris. She's everywhere. :)

Kwana said...

Great Keri. Give it a try. Why not watch some of the webcast too? I think it will help you get into the book. I'd say underline some things, but your copy has already been marked! LOL.

Thanks for the well wishes:)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u should read one of my books one day also

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I'm gonna give the webcasts a try because right now...I think I'm about to give up on "A New Earth!"

I'm glad it's becoming more comprehensible to you now -- that gives me some hope.

YES!! It's the Project Runway finale tonight!! I really think Christian is going to win, although Jillian is my favorite!

Kwana said...

I'm sure it would be interesting Torrence. I'm going to let this sink in for a while first.

Let me know how the Webcast goes Brown Girl. I wish you luck. Oh, Jillian has a fan! We'll see how it all works out. You know I had a strange Jillian feeling today. She may pull it out. Out o fthe three I'm going for Christian.

Marley Gibson said...

Oh, Dear God...Christian can NOT win!!! I'm thinking Jillian's collection is the nicest and might win. Although, the judges have been in love with Rami since day one. Can't wait! Have to take a nap so I can stay awake. LOL!!

Jack!!! That couch isn't a towel!

Eileen said...

I missed you today. I hope you are feeling better and that your migraine is gone. I will watch the webcast and see if I can get into it.

I really have no idea who will win. They are all really talented. Lets talk tomorrow!!!!

Kwana said...

Marley, I was thinking of a nap too. I want to be wide awake. I'll listen out for your screaming if Christain wins. And you listen for me if Rami wins!

Did you notice how Jack knocked the towel off onto the floor? Oh, Jack.

Thanks Elileen. Hopefully I'll be on the mend soon. I'm sure of it! We'll talk tomorrow.

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