Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reversal of Fortune

What's Jack up to? As I write this he's snuggled up on his bed sleeping like a little sweetheart. If only.

So, The Bachelorette came on last night. You did watch, didn't you? The show starts with a recap of how DeAnna’s heart was broken last season by Brad the cad.

Then we get into this season’s guys. There were some Freaks and some Geeks. I could have done without seeing guys shaving their own chest hair thanks or the oyster farmer talking about a pearl necklace. I just don’t want to go there thank you very much.

But it didn’t matter I was sucked in with the handsome math teacher and the motorcycle riding real estate attorney who got the first impression rose. It was so much fun watching guys fight for time, making fools of themselves and also being vulnerable.

One guy, a chef, decided to start cooking in the middle of the party. A crab martini. Sounds like a winner. Hey does he work at Legal Seafood? Can he get her in without the hour wait?

Then DeAnna brings out her good looking girlfriend as a distraction and a way to see who is really into her or who would be into just any pretty girl. I suspect some may be into just any pretty girl. Especially the one that asked her to sit on his lap!

The night goes on and just as the producers want the liquor keeps flowing. Finally, men start to strip and jump into cold pools, there’s talk of shrinkage and they have a right good show.

I don’t know about you but I’ll be watching this season. What about you? Got to see the “amazing connections” and the tears in the limo. Hey we almost got some tears on this show. There was howling. I kid you not.
On another note it was the Finals for Dancing With The Stars. Any Predictions? I thought Kristi was flawless but my heart and I know lots of hearts are with Jason all the way.



Alexis Jacobs said...

I love Jeremy and Graham. Both seem so sweet and are very easy on the eyes. Plus Graham is from Raleigh. I have to cheer on the local boys.

This season looks so good. So I'll be watching faithfully!

Mel Francis said...

I liked all 3 boys who go the 1st impression roses. The snowboarder totally won me over. I liked Graham, the single dad, and the chef.

Great minds, Kwana. Of course, I blogged about this show, too. I had to talk about Football-for-Jesus dude as well as the Karate Kid...

Jaci Burton said...

some interesting guys for DeAnna huh? And omg some weird ones! Should be a great season!

I'd like Kristi to win DWTS. She is the best dancer, but we'll see. The guys typically win, don't they?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Oh no! I missed the premiere of the Bachelorette already? I didn't know it was coming on so soon. I wanted to watch it. Usually when I miss the first show, I don't end up watching the series. Oh well!

Mel Francis said...

BGB, you missed a great opening show! Kwana had it right: Freaks and Geeks. I would try to catch it on abc.com.

Mel Francis said...

of course, I meant BGG...I'm having issues.

Kwana said...

Mel is right BG. Catch it on abc.com and watch it anyway. No need to miss the whole season. I'll be talking about it off and on and probably Mel too. Chime on in! There are some real characters.

Yes, Jaci the guys do always win. Kristi is the best dancer but Jason is so cute. I'm such a girl huh?

PBW said...

I'm going with Kristi all the way.

I know this is soooo shallow, but I just love her make-up. Her lavender look a few weeks back sent me right to the MAC counter trying to replicate it.

Lucy said...

I wasn't able to keep all the guys straight last night. Oh well, guess I have all season to get it right, huh?

As for DWTS, I'm okay with whoever wins - sort of...Yes, technically, Kristi is the best. And yes, it's time a woman won. And yes, I'm a fan of hers from way back. But I felt she got a bit too cocky at times and that really puts me off. But, I'd be okay if she won. I think Jason is adorable! And I LOVE his voice. Plus, it's about time Edyta won, I mean, after all, she's the ONLY professional to compete in every season! As for Cristian, he's really won me over. I'm a little bit in love with him. And he's come so far...and with an injury! My only negative on his winning is that Cheryl has won two times already - but then again, she is that good of a choreographer with her partners, don't you think? She really hones in to their strengths and uses them. So, all that for what I started out with, I'd be okay with any of them winning. :-)

Kwana said...

Not shallow at all, PBW I love how you think!

Thanks for chiming in Lucy!

MariaGeraci said...

Loved the single dad- Jason. I was shocked he didn't get a First Impression Rose. I thought Jeremy was beautiful, but since we never saw him talk to her, not sure about his personality. Loved, loved Jesse! But I see him more as a friend. Could be wrong. Graham was also easy on the eyes. And I know I'm going to get fruit thown at me, but I really also liked Sean (the martial arts guy). I just need to take some scissors to him. I thought Richard was sweet, but a little too geeky for my taste. Can't wait to see next week!

Mel Francis said...

MARIA! I can't believe you liked that tool, the Karate Kid. Color me shocked!

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