Saturday, May 24, 2008

Promotion 101

What's Jack up to? He's happy today. Well he's, Jack so he's happy most days, but he's particularly happy today. Trotting behind Nana's every step to see what she slips him. So far I've caught: salmon croquettes, hash browns and a crunchy cheese doodle. He'll be just awful once this weekend is over. I won't be able to do a thing with him. But he's having fun.

Thanks to all who checked out Ask the Agent yesterday and if you missed it please scroll down and ask away!

On a lighter note. Diana first snagged this video from Marianne's blog and now I'm snagging it from Diana. It's just too funny to not share. Feel free to snag it from me. Happy Saturday!



pve design said...

That was great!

PBW said...

ROFL!!! Thanks for the laugh. Hope you're having a good holiday weekend!

Eileen said...

Very funny!!! said...

have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Kwana said...

Thanks everyone! Have a great Memorial Day weekend too!

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