Monday, May 19, 2008

Mommy Blogs- So what of it!

What's Jack up to? Happy to be chilling alone after the weekend with DH and Dear Teens confined to Dear Home and studying or is that just me. Ok, it's just me. The weekend was full of tons of grrrr worthy moments. Totally blog worthy, I've got to think about that.

So I was checking out Dooce's blog. If you don't know her, she's the Ms. IT of the premier bloggers out there and has been heralded as "THE mommy blogger" and she was posting about her appearance on The Today show which I was bummed to have missed since I'm crazy about this type of stuff.

I was so happy that she put up her appearance and slightly annoyed when I saw it. Not at Dooce a.k.a Heather B. Armstrong who has thing blog thing so down pat that her own DH gave up his own day gig to manage her blog biz, but at The Today Show for sending a girl to do a woman's job and the dismissive way in which it was handled by the interviewer.

I can't stand it when folks are interviewing people on subjects that they clearly know nothing about. This just burns me up. Kathie Lee said she didn't know about computers. Check out her blog here. Sigh. Big ups to the assistant for typing it up for her. That would totally have been my job back in my early fashion days.

First as mothers we have THE toughest job in the world then when we try and do another job and still be there for our family we get put down. Not cool.

You watch and tell me what you think of the interview and the whole mommy blog thing in general. Discuss. Have fun.

If you'd like to see a really good interview with Heather check out this Nightline one. I think it gives the subject the tone it deserves.

All you weekday readers please scroll down and check out the weekend posts and chime in. DON'T DREAM IT BE IT! And don't forget the MEME somebody pick up a book and take up the cause.


pve design said...

I was so mad about that interview, as a Mom and a blogger, I wish Dooce had a better interview! She looked so hip and her blog is fantastic.
Sorry, K.Lee looked so dated and ill-informed!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

That Kathie Lee is one annoying anchor/interviewer!! I was disappointed when NBC hired her to join the Today Show cast. She's so out-of-the-loop!

I wish I could blog full-time like some of these moms. One day, one day! LOL!

Thanks for sharing these videos!! :-)

mommythe said...

i think one of the reasons i started blogging was reading dooce a long time ago. there wasn't a lot of "MOMMY" blogs out when my daughter was born. but yeah kathy lee - why does she act the way she acts anyway? like a know it all but she's NOT really. i saw the interview and she was abrupt and annoying as hell.

nova said...

Kathie Lee has been screwing up my morning routine. She is ridiculous and whenever she is speaking, I feel compelled to change the channel.

I do love Dooce, though...

Kwana said...

Thanks for chiming in and seeing that I saw on this one.

N said...

I'm so late leaving this comment but boy, that was so disappointing. I am a mama and a blogger (mommyblogger? mmm...kinda).

Would have been cool if Dooce (Heather) just jumped up and smacked KLG. Well, I'm sure she wanted to, based on her own post on the situation. But she kept it on the up & up...all PR is NOT good PR...and those interviews help that business that the DH is managing. :0)

And kudos to you, Kwana for putting up the link to KLG's lame "blog". If you can call it that. There's no way she wrote it. She would use a lot more exclamation points. (Like my sister-in-law does.)


Amy said...

You knew going in the Today show interview was going to be bad. Mommy Blogger in airquotes? Yeah, that speaks to a high respect for your interviewee.

Kwana said...

You are so funny but so right N. It was very disappointing. I hope this doesn't stop my dream of a Disney deal. Nah they don't hold a grudge do they? They do 30 Rock so they have a great sense of humor. I hope. eek.

You are so correct on the respect thing Amy. I think ego came into play here also.

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