Wednesday, May 14, 2008

To love a Cougar or not? It's a jungle out there

What's Jack up to? He's stealing socks today and hiding in the closet. Ugh. It's toddler time all over again.

What's with the cougar in my blog title. Well, I was watching American Idol which I really haven't followed this season, but it was on while I was scurrying back and forth with dinner so I got into it. While it was on I saw a sign flash that said "Cougars 4 Cook" and I was like, Eww! Now the whole Cougar thing never really crossed my mind before and it's been out so long that it's kind of over I think, but in the context of ultra pure American Idol it just seemed wrong and, well, Eww, to me.

Now most us are women of a certain age here. Chime in and tell me what do you all think of the term Cougar?

While I'm at it what do you think of The AI final 3? I like Syesha and think she should win. David A. is too sweet, besides his Dad is already banned and David C. will be just fine no matter if he wins or not, but the judges clearly don't like Syesha. I don't get it.

Now sort of still on the "cougar" topic lets talk the Sex and the City premiere and the fashions! Specifically, Sara Jessica Parker's dress and hat. It's all the talk with the New York papers. I have to say, I'm not a fan. I feel that she was trying too hard with this one and the color was not for her. Does anyone else remember the episode with Burger and the cooky hat where he made fun of her? This was the same thing! Say it ain't so, Carrie. Big sigh. I do like Kim Cattrall's look though.

And, we won't even talk about the decision of having the premier in London over New York when New York was the 5th star of the show. Whatever. I'll still be buying my ticket.

So it was goodbye to my spunky little Marissa on Dancing with the Stars. I know she annoyed quite a few this season with all that darn exuberance, but she always made me smile. Buh-Bye Marissa! Good luck with the baby!

Update:I just found out on GMA that her dance partner, Tony and his wife are expecting boy/girl twins (like me!) so good luck to him too!


Sidebar: 'Thee that shall not be named teen' came home yesterday hungry and mad that I did not answer thee's lunchtime call to run the forgotten lunch over to school. Pla-ease! As if.


Mel Francis said...

way to stick to your guns, Mom!

Re: cougar? I prefer the term MILF. :D

Kristie (J) said...

I completely forgot about the boot out show last night!! When I noticed on the computer that the next person was gone, I was kind of holding my breath. Marissa is a lot of fun and for total exuberance, no one could beat her - but she just wasn't as good as the ones remaining so while I was sad to see her gone - I think she was the right choice.
And as for the SATC movie debuting in England - that's just WRONG!!
And I saw the sign you're talking about on AI - eeeeeewwwwwhhhh. It's one thing to be one, but it's another to advertise it.

Kwana said...

Oh Mel! You had to be the first to bring MILF up!LOL. That's actually in my book that's out there now. I wonder if it's played out too. Hmmm...

Oh well it's out there. Discuss.

Kwana said...

Thanks for chiming in, Kristie. I'm glad you agree that in the context of AI it was just wrong! I'm sooo glad you saw it too and had the reaction I did.
And we agree on SATC in London:)

Kristen Painter said...

As an object, that hat is beautiful. I love the colors and the elements of the butterfly and rose. As a wearable thing, it's just too much. However, it seems very SJP to me. I don't hate her outfit. It's kooky and Carrie and what most people have come to expect from her.

I give her props for having the cajones to wear it in the first place.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I've never heard of the term "cougar" before but it doesn't sound nice!

I think Carrie's outfit just epitomizes her character on Sex n the City. I didn't really follow the show that much, but didn't she always wear extremely avant garde clothing?

As for American Idol this season - I HATE IT!!!! I don't particularly like any of the finalists although I do know that they can all sing. I'm cheering for Syesha since David Archuleta annoys me and the other David is so forgettable. That's my two cents!! LOL

David Dust said...

Kwana darling - after the discussions on MY blog over Sarah Jessica Parker's outfit, you just KNEW I was going to have to chime in! :)

As I said over at DavidDust, taken on it's own, out of context, the outfit and hat would be ridiculous and atrocious. As Michael Kors says on "Project Runway" - a "what were they thinking?" moment. Guaranteed to put SJP on "worst dressed" lists for years.

But SJP is SUCH a fashionista, and is SO sophisticated when it comes to fashion - that I think she pulled it off. She was wearing London desingers to a London premiere (which I too say - WTF is up w/London?!?). And she was channeling Carrie Bradshaw by wearing that outfit. After all, Sex and the City was always about four women who put themselves "out there" - and I think that's exactly what SJP did. And I think she looks fierce and fabulous.

In ANY other context she would be ridiculed - but in this ONE specific instance, this outfit (and it's wearer) should be praised.

With that being said - I understand how you (and others) feel differently. And I love ya to death!


warmbrown said...

I think the idea of dating someone older is always a plus, while when they are 30-40 plus year older--maybe not. I am excited about the Sex In The City movie also. I agree I am not filling Jessica's look at all.

Kwana said...

Hi Kristen. I get what you're saying about the hat as an object. That way it is kinda beautiful. And maybe on someone else I'd go for it.

Thanks for coming over David. I know you'd have great things to say. You know I love ya and I totally get you and what you're saying. We'll agree to disagree on this one. It's sure a conversation starter!

Thanks for chiming in Brown Girl. You're right. It's a total 'Carrie' outfit! I agree with you 100% on AI.

Hi WarmBrown. Thanks for visiting and chiming in. I love your name! said...

kwana -
are you just dying for SATC movie to open!!! WOnder if they are serving martinis at the theaters? haha
Cougar? Well, what do they call old men w young women? Who made up cougar? Bec they're on the "prowl"? i bet a guy made up that word to refer to women w young guys.

Ms.Erika said...

The outfit is very Carrie, it fit the occasion just right. I can't wait for that movie to come out. I am however, nervous that they're going to do something dumb in it though. Like break Big and Carrie apart or worse....

N said...

K, my dear. Two things from me.

One, "cougar". It's a nasty term. Why? Because once again, it's a label on a woman that turns them into a pet-like creature. Not to mention it also reminds me immediately now of the botox-injecting, juicy couture sweatsuit-wearing, superblonde that populates certain areas of Freshchester (ie: the mall).

Two, SJP. Dig it. Totally (plus that green is my fave color). Perfect for a UK premiere for her character. I love the risks she takes. Makes the ones I cobble together more forgivable, I think.

LondonCalling said...

Good for you! Hmm...Cougar seems sexist to me. Not something I would call myself. Weird.

Kwana said...

Yes, Mommy I can't wait for the SATC movoe to open. I know there is such a double standard between men and women. Cougar must have been made up by me.

Ms. Erika I sure hope they don't screw the movie up like that. I'll be so sad.

Thanks London. I agree on Cougar. Not nice.

Thanks for chiming in N. Freshchester. Perfectly nasty! I actually love that color green but not on her with her hair. Now on you the dress would be so cute. I may still laugh at the hat on you but who knows you may talk me into it!

Maureen McGowan said...

I'll never get why the judges like David A. and don't like Syesha. Never. To me, every criticism they level on her, (old fashioned, cabaret, corny, too broadway) could be leveled on him ten times more.

And I hate the term cougar. Hate it. So insulting.

But I have to say, the episode where I realized David C. was born when I was already in University was shocking. Does it make me a cougar that I find him attractive? Whatever.

Maureen McGowan said...

Oh, and Mel. I so agree about the MILF thing. Recognizes that young guys can find older women attractive without making the women sound like predators.

Kwana said...

Thanks for the comments Maureen. I totally agree!

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