Monday, May 5, 2008

That's Your Baby?

What's Jack up to? He's so happy that it's looking like spring again or maybe that's me after it being a bit cold and rainy in Boston this weekend. Sunshine and 70 today in NY. Yay, Jack! But don't get too happy the walk will be short. It's all about the writing from now on, baby.

So, Marley's book party could not have been anymore spectacular. What a time we had. I got to meet and visit with so many agency sistah and blog friends. Like Maureen, Maria, Louisa, Kristen, Mel and Diana. And Super agent Deidre Knight and my Fab agent, Elaine. It really was: Women Gone Wild! But in the best way. Well, most of the time. Ahem, 'nuff said.
The party was held at the lovely Lenox Hotel in Boston's Back Bay. A perfect location for walking and shopping. It was absolutely beautiful and the staff could not have been more attentive.

Marley was a lovely and elegant host who was gracious while signing books for her many eager fans. "Just make that out to my biggest inspiration..."

There was an after party at the coolest club called Saint where we were treated to VIP treatment since we were with the famous author. Take a guess at who are the owners of these sparkly toes.

One of my funniest moments of the weekend though came from Ms. Diana when she asked about my three (3) children.


"Well you've got the twins and the baby, Jack?"


"Your little one, Jack, that you always tell the stories about on your blog."

"Um, Diana, Jack's my dog."

"Oh, I thought you were a little tough on him sometimes."

Big sigh from me. Oh crap.

Thinking back to my daily Jack updates there must be folks out there thinking I'm the worst parent ever and considering calling child services on me. Taking my baby to the groomer and making him sleep in the basement because of all the nose he makes at night. Not to mention making him poop outside. Yikes. I'd call the cops on me. Too funny!! Just to be clear I only talk about Jack because the twins, DS and DD, since they are teens would probably sue me or at least end up in therapy if I talked about them too much on this blog.

Feel free to go on over and give Diana a little good natured ribbing today over this.

Before you go check out my "baby" who I apparently abuse terribly. Aww. Isn't he the cutest?

More Party pics to come tomorrow.




MariaGeraci said...

It was fabulous meeting you, Kwana! What a great time:)

Marley Gibson said...

I think it's hilarious that Diana thought Jack was your baby! Well, he is...but not that way! LOLOL!!!

Marley Gibson said...

And yes...we made it rain at Saint! LOL!

mommythe said...

love the shoes

Mel Francis said...

look at those perfectly-pedicured toes! :) I know who's feet those are...I happen to be the owner of one set...

It was so great to officially meet you, Kwana. And Karli! I can't wait to see y'all again!

Kristen Painter said...

Amazing how my feet look totally sober.

Mel Francis said...

Amazing how my feet look totally sober.
That really is amazing...

Eileen said...

I think it is so funny that some one thought Jack was your child. I'm glad you had fun this weekend. I have nice feet too if you want some pictures I could send them to you.

Marley Gibson said...

Amazing how my feet look totally sober.

Yes, I just choked on Diet Coke.

Kwana said...

Thanks Maria. It was so much fun to meet you.

Marley what a party. Visit Diana! Made it rain. Too funny.

Thanks Mommy the Robot!

Thanks Mel. Your feet were fab.

Kristen, I'm snorting my coffee, you're so funny! Sober feet!

Eileen we must go clubbing so I can take pics of your feet!

Amy Addison said...

LOL on someone thinking Jack was a child. You should reconsider blogging about the teens...they are such a font of blog fodder!

The book party sound like blast.

keri mikulski :) said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of the party. Looks like a fun time.. I love the shoes. :)

Kwana said...

I just may reconsider Amy. Those teens give me a lot to talk about.

Thanks so much, Keri.

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