Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Knit Wednesday

What's Jack up to? He's chilling and happy. Feeling springy and getting into all sorts of mess. Why does he do this right after he gets a bath though? Ugh!

I decided to do a knit Wednesday today and making it wordless for 5minutes for mom since unless I'm with my knitting group I'm not talking much while knitting. Remember the lovely little scarf I started a while back....

Well, I finished it and gave it to Ms. Marley as a present for her Sorority 101 book launch. Here it is along with my strange toes. LOL. I like how it came out. Plus I gave it to her just in time for 70 degree weather. Perfect!

Now it's time for me to start a new project. I'm going to go for something ambitious that will take me into fall. More to come later.

Besides knitting yarn I'm busy knitting up the plot of my newest book. What are you knitting up this Wednesday?




CP said...

Awesome! I wish I knew how to knit!

Marley Gibson said...

I love my scarf! Even got to wear it to on my airport run on Sunday. It's sooooooo soft and definitely made with love. = )

Kristen Painter said...

Since moving to FL, I don't do a whole lot of knitting. Like, none, actually. What am I going to knit? A bikini? lol I do miss it tho - it's a better thing to do with your hands than snack.

Kwana said...

Thanks CP. I learned from books and a video.

I'm so glad you like it Marley.

Kristen, you can knit little light weight tanks and I've got this great book on lingerie knitting from a friend called Knitting Lingerie Style. I'm sure your DH would LOVE it!

Amy said...

I wish I knew how to knit! That is amazing!

This Wednesday? Uh, synopsis, redux. And query blurbs.

Sigh. Knitting sounds like waaaay more fun.

PBW said...

Gorgeous scarf!

I've got a new niece or nephew coming, so I'm working on a baby bib and burp cloth set from the Mason-Dixon knitting book.

Trying to work out some plot problems with my WIP while I knit and purl.

love aesthetics said...

woow that black scarf is really nice, and looks quite easy to do!

Kwana said...

Thanks Amy! I'm in your boat too!

Thanks PBW- I love the Mason-Dixon book. Your projects sound great! Knitting is great to mull over plot problems.

Thanks Love. It was Very Easy!A wrap around drop stitch.

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