Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back from Boston

What's Jack up to? I think he's happy I'm back from Boston. Heck, he's the only one to run to the door and hop up and down when I came home at 1:00 am last night.

So I'm back from Marley's book launch party and have all sorts of fun stores and pictures to share this week once I'm organized. I met so many of my Agency sistahs and blog friends. Both the party and after party were fab! Warning: Moms on the loose!

Check out Jack with the new Marley Gibson aka Kate Harmon Sorority 101books!!! Yay. (Mar do you know how hard it was to get that shot?)




Marley Gibson said...

Ahhhhhh!!! I love it!!! = )

Kwana said...

Marley, I'm so glad! All for you, hon.

Eileen said...

I am glad you had a fun night away!!!

pve design said...

So, the secret is out, Jack is your welcome wagon, secret agent, ghost writer, editor all wrapped in one very cute little dog! Congrats to Marley and to you for being there in Boston!

Mary-Laure said...

I totally love that picture of little Jack!

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