Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Monday

What's Jack up to? He's getting over the 4th of July weekend activities by relaxing. Big fun was had by man and beast alike.

So I made it for 5 days in the 21 day cleanse. Not so good huh? The July 4th holiday totally derailed me. I caved and had a cocktail or 2, okay three. Sigh...
Oh well. Then when it came down to the stupid cleanse or dinner with lovely friends. I went for dinner with friends and neighbors. Besides our electricity went out. A sure sign from God to head on out of the house and congregate with the friends and neighbors and a wee bit of cheese. I'm not sorry either. I will say I triumphed over coffee and sugar. I have not had any and I'm dying for some. Check out the video below blatantly stolen from Dooce. Just plug in the word coffee for cookie and it perfectly describes how I feel.

I actually got a lot out of my few days on the cleanse. I didn't lose an ounce, but I got a slightly clearer mind and a renewed energy toward my WW goals. I will be back to a meeting this week and back on track with that. So there's a plus. And I know I'll be eating cleaner. I also fell in love with Trader Joe's gluten free pancakes and Morning Star farms veggie burgers and sausages. Who would have thunk that?

Till tomorrow. Who knows what track I'll be on?


It's the big Bachelorette finale tonight. Will it be the roaming life or the ready made family for DeAnna? Oh and I hear Jeremy is not out for the count yet. Hmm...


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Sorry to hear that you only made it to your 5th day of the 21-day cleanse. Be proud that you made it that far because I doubt that I could get past Day 2!

Well, you can always try again! :-)

PS I agree those Morning Star veggie breakfasts can actually be quite good! said...

you can just say it was bec of the black out. you were reaching for water but instead found the cocktails! cest la vie!

Kwana said...

Thanks BG and MTR!

N said...

I take partial responsibility for the derailment.

But I am so glad you came over on Saturday. What a great, great time with everyone.

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