Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shiny and New

What's Jack up to? He's trying to get used to having the kids around most of the day. I know it's strange, huh, Jack. I'm trying to figure the whole thing out too.

So I've been consumed with thoughts lately of the whole cleansing thing that been all over the place. On Oprah, and I've had friends do their own version and then this past week the cleanse idea has been popping up all over the blogs with Dooce giving it a go and making it about 8 valiant days and Isuwannee saying she wants to give it a try too.

So since it's been so on my mind I woke up yesterday morning feeling like today's the day. As if that would be so easy. But I've been feeling so sluggish and run down that I felt that I needed some sort of jump start to get me on track.

The idea is to eliminate: sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gluten and animal products. I seem to be able to make it though most of a day pretty well, but by dinner I'm dying for some meat. So I'm doing the gently leaning in thing that Kathy Freston talked about and taking it slow.

What do you all think of all this crazy cleanse talk, anybody gave it a try?



pve design said...

Yeh,Kwana - only you can know what works best! It is a great way to find focus, and also to feel more energetic! After Paris, I will do it again, Summer is a great time to take advantage of all the good fruits and veggies.
Check out Simply Seleta, she posted about her cleanse~

Kristen Painter said...

I did the master cleanse once. Lasted the whole ten days, too. Of course any good effects seem to disappear fairly quickly after you go back to eating regularly.

Marley Gibson said...

My friend at work tried it for about ten days with her hubby. She said it didn't really work on her and she felt even more sluggish and wicked hungry most of the time. She said it did clear up some skin problems she was having, but other than that, it was an expensive waste of time.

My doctor poo-poos these fad diets, saying we should just eat less, exercise more, get plenty of water and sleep and eliminate salt and stress. It's really easy...yet none of us (me included) seem to want to do that! LOL!!

Kwana said...

Thanks for the advice. Keep it coming. I'm still leaning in. I figure anyway I'm healthier is better.

N said...

Let me know if you do it. I'm not wired for those things and my personal approach is that all is good in moderation.

Those fresh fruits and veggies look so yummy.

Mel Francis said...

it just makes me overall I can't see how that's any better than stuffing my face. LOL

Kwana said...

I'm trying it N. But slowly. Maybe a bit of meat (fish?) if I have to at night but no sugar and no caffeine so far gluten free pancakes this morning and veggie sausages. Not too bad. Herbal tea. No lunch yet. Step by step.

Mel you are the best. You always say how I really feel. I'm sure I'll be cranky in about a 1/2 an hour. I'm going to meditate now. Ommmmmm.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I haven't tried it, but I've always wanted to do some sort of detox cleansing.

I think my friend tried the master cleanse, but it didn't last for long.

simply seleta said...

I totally recommend it! Your body and mind will thank you. :-)

Here's the key: don't eat too few calories or you'll feel too low blood sugar. Eat twice as many vegetables as fruit! Very important as well.

I know I've probably said it before, but I'll say it again: I LOVE your header!!!

mommythe said...

damn thats pretty hard! i was a vegetarian for 8 years and it easy to find yummy substitute for meat even at the worst grocery stores. but i really missed bacon! also earlier this year i gave up coffee and now even tea, and i had a sledgehammer headache but once. i haven't craved it since i've been going to the gym. however, sugar is in everything so that's hard. a few years ago, i gave up pastries, candies, cakes, chocolates- anything that obviously had sugar for two years. that was really hard but it was for my health. and hey, i didn't go to the dentist for years after that and i still had nice,cavity free teeth! you can do it! also i think what helped me give up those things was i meditated thru the cravings and the adverse physical reactions. and it would physically made me feel better too. i'm rooting for you- you do better than dooce!

Kwana said...

Thanks Brown Girl. I read up on the Master Cleanse at it seems really tough.

Thanks do much for the advice Simply Seleta I'm doing it slowly. It's hard.

Oh Mommytherobot you're an inspiration. Thanks for the kind words. I'm going it a go. I don't know if I can go the 8 day's like Dooce we'll see. I'm up 2 3 and I want ice coffee so bad.

Melissa Walker said...

i want to keep hearing about your trying this! i've thought about it but i just can't... yet... i'm inspired by your efforts though!

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