Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Color Me Shocked!

What's Jack up to? Things are heating up so Jack's been lounging around a bit. He's like me when it comes to the heat. Ugh.

Well, well, well, I don't really know what to say about last night's Bachelorette. How could DeAnna get rid of Jeremy and not Jesse? Man, I just don't understand love. You know it's good TV when you're Nana calls you screaming, "What the--!"

I know there are quite a few of you out there that called Jesse from the beginning (Mel) but I just could not see it and still can't. Is DeAnna going to follow him around the slopes and live all willy nilly happy with whatever he wants to do once he grows up? And the wings. I can't even start on the wings! Somebody get me some clippers!

At this point I say take whoever you want DeAnna. More power to ya girl. Will it be the man/boy who is not quite ready to grow up or the ready made family? Talk about apples and oranges.

Sidebar: I have a feeling with Jeremy we're looking at the next Bachelor. What do you think?




pve design said...

Glad I can count on you to bring us up to date on all the "happenings!"

Lucy said...

I really, really like Jesse. For me, Jason lost more points last night (at the moment, I can't remember exactly how...too early). But I think you're right about the apples and oranges and that might kind of be the point. Jason and Jeremy are enough alike that it might have made for even a harder decision to choose between those two. I think they're both "safe" choices, so to speak, whereas Jesse offers more uncertainty (not in the way he feels for DeAnna but in what the future holds). I think we're going to really find out what DeAnna wants next week when she makes her decision. Safe vs adventure...

Mel Francis said...

I love Jesse. He's my fave. But I think she'll pick Jason.

I, for one, was not shocked at all. :)

what did you think about the Men Tell All?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

For the first time I watched this season of the Bachelorette while I was in Chicago. It seems like this was a really good season. Too bad I missed most of it!

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I would suggest that Jeremy have some heavy duty therapy before he becomes The Bachelor. The dude is too needy. He needs to get a life first before he brings a woman into it.

I really like Jesse but I have a feeling that DeAnna might opt for security over Jesse's live and let live attitude.

Kwana said...

Good to hear from you pve all the way from Paris! I hope you're having fun.

Lucy, Jason just doesn't do it for me. His smile seems forced. There's something going on there.

Mel I though the men tell on was wild. Football church boy was nuts. Talk about issues.

Brown Girl picking it up at the end of the season was just fine. You got the best part.

Hi Elizabeth, I think all the guys are needy in their own way. I don't think Jeremy any more than the rest. That Jason seem pretty needy to me.

Jaci Burton said...

I've loved Jesse since the beginning. I think they're a fun couple together and I hope she picks him. I don't think she's ready for ready-made family with Jason. And I think Jeremy's issues with his mom were just too much for her...I think that was their only link together.

MTA was crazy! Talk about guys with some issues. Heh.

Can't wait til next week!

Marie Force said...

I think it's Jason--remember how much time they spent on him at the beginning, showing him with Ty and all of that?

I like them both, but I can see her more with Jason. Jesse was funny with the fantasy suite fake out. I like that side of him. I think he's probably cuter in real life than he is on TV, but I agree with you--cut the wings, man!

Kwana said...

Thanks for chiming in Jaci!

Marie thanks for agreeing with me about the wings!

Eileen said...

I like both Jesse and Jason but I if I were single I would never pick a guy with a kid. Check out my blog for my thoughts...http://wishlistmom.blogspot.com/

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