Monday, July 21, 2008

RITA Bound

What's Jack up to? Jack is chilling on his mat right now happy that it's still cool out. He's looking awfully cute. I give him five minutes before he decides to get into some mischief, maybe four.

The weekend was full of heat, dust, baseball, teens and heat and I'm glad it's done. I'm exhausted. But now I've got one week before I'm on the way to San Francisco for the RWA National Conference! Let the freak out begin. My to-do list for the week is cra-zy! And that's for the kid's so that I can leave them at home with the dear grandmother. Forget about all I have to do for myself to prepare to go away for the week with the DH. Thank goodness for coffee and sugar. No cleanse for me!

In honor of Nationals, check out this great trash talking RITA promo video from the hilarious single title contemporary nominees. I hope to see plenty of you at the RITAs.

So what's on your to-do list for the week? I'm off to pour some coffee and formulate a plan.



Ellen Gerstein said...

Having just returned from SF, I have to be your mother for a moment and tell you to take a jacket! SF geography and meterologic oddities mean that it's freezing in the summertime. I was outside in 55 degree weather one moment, then back here in NY with sweltering heat.

Have a wonderful time! Bring back lots of sourdough and chocolate!

Kwana said...

Thanks Ellen! Great advice. 55 is freezing.

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