Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Shear Madness

What's Jack Up to? Jack's tired from staying watching Project Runway and Shear Genius. It's too much great reality for one fab yorkie!

Project Runway Season 5 starts with the intro video of the designers and they seem to have it all together. There are some real toughies in this group. They meet Heidi and Tim on the Atlas roof and I know some of them, are ready to push the others off. Watch out for Stella, Suede, Jerell, Jerry and Very Tan Blayne, they all seem ready to push.

It’s the crack of dawn and Tim is ringing the doorbells. Eek. It’s off to the first challenge and they are at Gristedes grocery store. And who is there to meet them, but Austin Scarlett in all his glory. Picture this, white pants, blue tapered jacket, white scarf and fedora. Need I say more? Time to make a garment out of grocery items.

We have designers buying; mop heads, trash bags, shower curtains and kale greens.
I’m so happy Project Runway is back! Make it Work!
Tan Blayne is big on the “lisous” saying and it’s annoying everyone.

Jerry has some fire to him. He looks all unassuming but he’s full of the catty-ness.
Stella is mad because her trash bags really are trash.
Tim comes and stops the action everyone quakes in their boots. Daddy’s home. Tim’s not happy. He sees way too many tablecloths and calls the designers slackers. Uh-oh. Now they really are quaking and so am I. What is Nina going to say?
The designers are scrambling to turn their tablecloths into something else and Stella is declaring that her trashy bags will get her eliminated.
Now the models come in and there are some crazy things being put on the poor women. Crazy scary.
Time for the Runway Show.

My Faves: Emily, Jerell, Korto, Jennifer, Daniel, Kenley, Kelli, Keith, Stella
My not so faves: Leanne, Terri, Suede, Joe, Jerry, Wesley, Blayne, Stella

You can see that Stella is straddling the fence for me. I could not decide on her design. I agree part if it was a yawn but I liked the simple shape of it.

The winner is… Kelli! Thanks to her fab marble dye job.

The loser is …Jerry. I have to say I agree with that one. His look was just scary. I am sorry to see Jerry go though. He would have made for interesting TV.

Whew I’m tired and now onto Shear Genius? Eek!
Remind me never to sign up for Shear Genius. There was some crazy swap stylist challenge where the stylists started with their clients and mid-process the clients had to get up and switch chairs to continue the process with another stylist. Mid-color cut or whatever. They did this multiple times only to end up back with the original stylist. One client ended up in tears. I was right there with you honey.

Now it’s down the line and Charlie comes up with more fabulous one liners. “Big T#ts won’t get you out of every jam.” Ouch.

The loser was Meredith.
The winner was Dee.

The stylists are back home and the claws come out. Charlie starts giving crap and Dee throws it right back. Suddenly I’m loving Dee.
The elimination Challenge is giving the clients a style that they can do at home.
Dee gets first pick and then she gets to pair each stylist with the clients. Oh Charlie had better watch out. The producers know what they are doing with this scenario.
Dee picks Nekisa first and Charlie last. You know Charlie had something to say about that.

Then it was time to Go Shake It! Tell them Rene! You say what?
The stylists style and then are told that the elimination will take place the next day when the clients have to come back and style their own hair.

Back at the old homestead and everyone talks about Dee has a crush on the married Nekisa. DD called that on day one.
The next day the clients are back and trying to do their own hair. How much do I hate that next day hair let down?

Let’s move onto the hair show. This is too painful.
The winners are: Glenn, Dee and Nicole
Losers are: Meredith, Charlie, and Nekisa. Charlie is lucky he has immunity.
The big winner is… Glenn She got her dream and will be published. I’m feeling you Glenn!

The loser is… Meredith.

Whew. This is a lot for one night. I’m spent.


Kristen Painter said...

So much fabulous TV. How can you not love it!!!

Mel Francis said...

I watched both last night.

Tanlicious has got to go. He was annoyinglicous and nothing more. Plus that bathing suit diaper he designed was hideous.

I am pulling for Koto! She's a local girl and I'm thrilled to see her! I really liked her dress a lot.

Even though the vacuum cleaner bag dress was my fave, I think Solo Cup dress should've won. He really embraced the idea behind the challenge.

Raincoat boy had to go. Frankly, I liked the garbage bag dress. It was at least sexy and wearable.

Shear Genius was madness last night. That Charlie is something! They should've revoked his immunity and sent him packing. What a loser. LOL

pve design said...

Spent in a good way. Thanks for the re-cap. You know me and TV. I just am so happy to have you and "be-the-change" to report on project runway.
You two will have lots or trash-talk.
Speaking of trash, garbage day, off to take the trash out. Tee Hee!

Be the change..... said...

I watched both as well - I LOVED project runway (see my post on it) but as usual I can't get into Shear Genius.

Kwana said...

It's just wild Kristen.

Mel, I love the saying Tranlicious. That hat alone should send him packing. I loved Korto too!

Patricia you are really missing out on Project Runway. You would love it! Watch.

I can't wait to check out your recap Be The Change. I'm on my way.

Marley Gibson said...

I have NEVER laughed so hard at a TV show, I don't think. Michael Kors had me having to STOP the live program so I could catch my breath. There was some really skeeeeery stuff on ProjRun last night, but the right person won. season!!!

Randy said...

Well, I had to skip over the Shear Genius report cuz I haven't seen it yet, but here are my comments on Project Runway. First, YAY! It's BACK! I don't know how you have everyone's name down already (do you take notes??) but my favorite outfits were the blue cup dress and the dyed vacuum cleaner bag skirt. Truly innovative! The macrame mop top was pretty cool, too...and I'm sure there were others, but now I've forgotten them. But, MAN...that shower curtain raincoat? If forced, I'll bet Christian Siriano could have made something stylish out of it, but not that guy. He needed to go right away. And that woman with the trash bags that failed to meet her expectations? Sorry, but she looks like her mind is living on another planet (although, I'll admit, the "dress" ended up having more style than I expected). Lastly, I don't know WHAT that other thing was--the one that the judges thought looked like a diaper. And he thought he'd win...? Methinks we have a problem with taste there.

Based on the bio videos, it appears there's a lot of talent this season...I'm looking forward to getting to know the personalities (and praying we get another Christian or a Chris)!

Kwana said...

Isn't it great when tv makes us happy Marley?

Thanks for the comments, Randy. I had to use the bravo website bios as a cheat sheet to get the names down. There was no way I could remember them all. I could only remember Tan Blayne and Suede because it was, well... Suede. Touchy feely fabric. Yes, I think there is a taste problem with Tnm Blayne. The hat says it all.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I almost forgot to watch Project Runway. In fact, I would've if my husband hadn't taped it for me. Is it me or did Bravo totally not promote this season like in the past? Or maybe I just haven't watched Bravo in a while. Anyhoo, that psycho outfit was HIDEOUS!!!

I do wish that they would've kept him just to see what other foolishness he would've come up with! LOL

Kwana said...

I kind of feel that way too BG about the promotion and about keeping jerry just to see what mess he would come up with!

Melissa Walker said...

Oh, I just love Jerry! I actually wore one of his designs to fashion week last year where my book was in his show's gift bag:

I was sorry to see him go, but it's true that that outfit was surgical serial killer.

Kwana said...

Melissa, Get out of town. That is so cool that you got to wear one of Jerry's outfits. Now I feel bad that he's gone. You look cute in it too.

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