Friday, June 27, 2008

Ask The Agent ... Coming Soon

What's Jack Up Too? He's being his wild self, practically taking down the entire porch when a stray cat came wandering around to taunt him and he was leashed to the railing.

See it's ok for our neighbor's cat, Marvin, to come wandering around our yard. Jack will take that with a little bark or two, but he's not taking any mess from Bum Cat, as our other neighbor , N, affectionately named the stray cat yesterday.

I have a feeling, Bum cat is not a Bum Cat at all but lives on another street. He's too clean and too well fed to be a true bum cat. He's actually quite beautiful, all black with white feet and a bit of white on his ears and tail. Kristian you'd love him. I'll try and snap and pic of him one day.

Ask the Agent will be coming soon. Sorry for the delay. Fab agent is busy making major deals. But in the meantime please enjoy this clip which I just saw recently courtesy of youtube and one of my fab agency sistahs. Thanks Leigh! Let's all hope to never have an agent like this one.

Too funny!



Kristen Painter said...

Hotrod wants another cat (we have 3 right now.) And I adore cats, always have, always will, but I'm also the one who has to change the litter box and vacuum up the copious amounts of hair they leave behind. Plus when he travels, I also have to feed them - something that is normally his job.

Although when he kicks off, I'll probably be that crazy old lady with 50 of them roaming around while I knit sweaters out of their hair.

Fifi Flowers said...

That is a funny video... hilarious!

N said...

I'm not even a writer and I loved that clip.

And you're right. He is too clean to be a bum.

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