Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strong and Silent

What's Jack up to? Well he's back home from his big city weekend. I guess he's happy. It's hard to tell. He's only slightly uppity, turning his nose up at his food and all. Was he having leftovers from Perilla? But he does seem thrilled to frolic in the grass again.

I missed a bit of The Bachelorette last night doing baseball duty since the DH is away on business during Hell Week part Deux and missing all the joy. Lucky man eh?
Man, I knew for sure that it would be Jesse flying away on his hair wings. Boy, was I wrong. Dear Nana had it so right.

It was moody Graham getting the boot. Nana sure called it. Comparing Graham's moods to my late grandfather. I had to crack up at that one. She was right he was a moody man.

What is it about those brooding men that we like so much? They are bound to break our hearts. Did DeAnna make a good call by saving herself some definite heartache from a man that clearly did not know how to show his emotions or should she have stuck it out for the passion that was sure to come?

What you think and while we're at it, who are some of your favorite brooding heroes? Here is one of mine from North and South. Le Sigh.



PS- scroll down for more hot messery. I'm chatty. sorry.


Lucy said...

I think she made a good choice last night. Yes she had stronger feelings for Graham than anyone else but he just wasn't opening up. Going into the show (based on the previews) I thought Graham would be going home but when they showed him at home, I wasn't so sure. She nailed it when she said he was different. I mean, who wouldn't like THAT guy? But then he clammed right up. Given that he's never had a long term relationship, I really think she made the right choice...he would have broken her heart. And at this point, I think Jesse should win the whole thing. He really seems to be the whole package. Such a great guy. :)

Mel Francis said...

I called it. And I think Jeremy is next, and then it's Jason in the end.

I was sad for Graham. I think he's a good guy who has a hard time opening up and had an even more difficult time with opening up on the show. Sure he knew all about it before signing on, but I think once he got there, it was different. He really broke my heart last night.

I'm a little disappointed in DeAnna for not being willing to take a risk. that's what love is all about. I'm not saying he was the best man in the end, but I do believe that if you let your head overrule your heart, you end up settling. I hope that the person she ends up picking isn't really her #2 choice.

Mel Francis said...

btw, I love Jesse, wings and all. I wish she would pick him, but she won't. Not over Jason.

Kwana said...

Thanks Lucy. I think Graham has lots of passion but can't handle all the guys there.

Mel I think it will come down to Jason and Jeremy but in the end it will be Jeremy. That's my git. I don't think she is ready for a child. I think she has more in common with Jeremy. Poor Jason will be out. But I think Jeremy is the guy for her. Nana wants her to go for Jason. I want her to go for Jeremy.

Natalie Hatch said...

Oh Richard Armitage..... now there you go.. At first I didn't quite like his character, but then he grew on me and now, that brooding sultry hunk of a man just makes my day.. Will have to watch the series again...

Kwana said...

Sorry Natalie. I had to do it.

Fifi Flowers said...

I tried to watch some of it... but I'm not feeling it for any of these guys... well, I guess it really doesn't matter who I like, but a girl can live vicariously through others and welllll... like I said, not feeling it ;)

Eileen said...

I haven't written in days but last night brought me back to blogging. She is so young. How could she not go with the passion. I will miss Graham. He is so hot!!! Check out my blog about this topic!!!

What's up with that timeline - 3 kids before 30What is the rush!!! People have no idea of what they are in for until they are there.

Kwana said...

I understand fifi. If you're not feeling it you're not. I've been hot and cold on it.

I hear you about the time line Eileen. I don't think she's ready for the instant family like she thinks.

Louisa Edwards said...

I couldn't give to flips about the Bachelorette (faux romance kind of skeeves me) but I'm happy to comment on my favorite brooding heroes!

*Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice
*Brian Kinney on Queer as Folk
*Clive Owen in anything, he's always kind of broody

Kwana said...

Great Guys Louisa! Although I don't watch Queer as Folk. Don't have showtime. Will have to check it out though.

Carleen Brice said...

After being with a brooder in real life, I am so over moody boys. Get some Prozac already, I say!

Kwana said...

I understand completely Carleen.

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