Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Race On! For Real...

What's Jack up to? As I'm writing this post he's still bouncing off the walls at almost 11:00 and I'm the one who's dog tired. What's with this picture? I guess he's pumped about this...

He's the Man!

Barack Obama came through with enough delegates to be declared the Democratic presumptive nominee (msnbc's words not mine). Senator Clinton fought a serious fight and even last night still did not concede or endorse Senator Obama. I hope she will come around and endorse him very soon so that a great race can be run for President.

This is a wonderfully historic event and I am so very proud. Now I will have to change my line to my DD and DS about being the first Black president. Now one of them will have to be the Second Black president. Love that!

I thought his speech last night was so inspiring and at the end when Michelle came out for a hug and kiss and they both said "I love you" to each other, well, I sure got a chill.

Onward and Upward!

A change is gonna come...




sula said...

eeeee! DBF and I were watching last night. I'm so excited that for once in my life I have the chance to campaign for and vote for a candidate that I feel passionately about. Change is coming!

(oh and didn't you just love the little fist bump between Michelle and Barack before he took the podium? hehe. cuteness!)

pve design said...

I cannot imagine that they are sleeping in the Obama House, knowing that they will make History.
I really hope for change for the better. We need it here. Our children need it more importantly!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I am sooooo excited!! I even had to write about it on BGG.

Can you believe we're witnessing history!? WOW!!

David Dust said...

It's time to get this man elected in November!!!

Kwana - check out my Project Runway post today - I got to meet a bunch of the designers last night!


Kwana said...

It was such cuteness Sula! Loved it!

You are so right Patricia!

We are witnessing history BG!! Eeee!

Yes, David I am so excited!! I'm running your way. said...

when i heard this i thought kwana is jumping around in her kitchen! i seriously hope he does bring positive changes especially in our economy. i've read what he stands for and his policies and i actually agree with those better than ms. clinton's but she just has more experience. plus im such a feminist. anyway hurray obama!

Marley Gibson said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm so thrilled to say I've been on the Barack bandwagon since about this time last year. I'm jazzed at the prospect of a president who's a contemporary. I want to see history. = )

Ms.Erika said...


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