Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time to Just Say No

How saddened was I by the story that Amy Winehouse has emphysema and will lose her voice or even die if she does not give up smoking drugs.

Amy give up the drugs already!

I think I've said it here before but her Back to Black album has been my favorite so far this year. I listen to it constantly. But from the very beginning I could hear the genius and the tragedy in her voice. She totally reminds me of Billie Holiday and that scares me.

Here is the video clip on my favorite song from Back to Black. Tears Dry On Their Own. I bet you can guess my fav line. Oh, because of said line it's not for the kiddies. Sorry.

Sidebar: Don't you just love the look of this directed by David LaChapelle?



Kristen Painter said...

Between that crazy hair and the insane lifestyle, it's hard for me to look at her and see anything else. I'd love to know what she'd be like without all the crap in her system.

Kwana said...

I'd love that too Kristen.

Melissa Walker said...

The video is gorgeous. A singer I love who has a dash of Amy without a lot of the hearbreak is Charlotte Sometimes... check her out.

Emma Petersen said...

I heart Amy Winehouse. I heart her as much as I fear for her because it's obvious she can't see she's killing herself. Slowly, painfully, and no one around her seems to care enough to intervene. My family and I were talking the other day and my oldest sister was like we won't even talk hypothetically, because I'd lock you away somewhere and worry about you hating me later. I'd wish someone would do the same for Amy. I know we can't always save people from themselves but...

My favorite lines are
Yet I played myself again
Should just be my own best friend
I f*ck myself in the head with stupid men

She's a brilliant lyricist and too talented to die so young and tragically.

Kwana said...

Thanks Melissa I'll check Charlotte out. I love new music!

That my favorite line too Emma. and yes I'd have to lock her away for her own good.

N said...

Hmm, I thought I posted.

Anyhow--she is on constant rotation in my car. Love Amy.

Crazy little sister sort, you know?

Ashley L. said...

she is a little out of control! i love her voice, but i'm afraid that the drugs have really taken their toll on her. i can only wish her the best...

Kwana said...

Thanks N and Ashley.

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