Monday, June 30, 2008

What's Happening?

What's Jack up to? He's being such a finicky eater lately. I've come to find out that during his big city weekend he developed a taste for crunchy Cheetos which my 2 1/2 year old niece, M fed him one by one and he happily lapped up. Now his dry Eukanuba just ain't doing it. Jack has to learn I'm no short order cook. You eat what I give you or you lose out. Cheetos are not good for you Jack.

Yesterday afternoon I went with the DH to see The Happening. Leave it to M. Night Shyamalan to freak me out thoroughly. I left the theater feeling all off and woozy and disturbed which I'm sure is just what he was going for. Now I'm just a mess. Smart huh?

I've been a huge fan of M. Night since The Sixth Sense and loved The Village, Signs and even liked The Lady In The Water. Now I know The Happening has been panned by just about every critic out there but I thought it was pretty good. Totally effective at giving me the creeps and making me think. The funny thing is I agree with Richard Roeper on this one. He's about one of the only reviewers that didn't pan the movie. I do think M. Night was giving that Twilight Zone and The Birds vibe. You can check out his review here.

I say see for yourself. Give it a try if you dare.

What are some of your favorite creepy movies? Please post in the comments section.
In reality TV news. Elizabeth The Lady Novelist over at Got It Goin' on found this great interview with Graham from The Bachelorette. Looks like DeAnna made a very wise choice. Thanks Elizabeth! Hop on over to her blog and check it out.



mommythe said...

yeah the reviews are bad but my sister saw it and said it was deff creepy! i love the stuff he comes out w too. but the scariest would have to be his first movie w the little kid who can see ghosts.

Emma Petersen said...

Le sigh. It just didn't work for me. The commercials for it were pretty creepy and I thought it was going to be great but it just didn't have the umpf it needed in my opinion.

My cousin and I were pretty much like WTH through out the whole movie. Maybe because it wouldn't take a strong wind to get us running. And most of the characters in the movie wanted to investigate things that really didn't need investigating. And the looking back killed me. There'd be no looking back. If I see someone running, I'm going to assume there's a reason. I'm going to run with you and ask questions later. LMAO.

I enjoyed Signs and The Sixth Sense but I don't know if I'll be able to see another one of Shamalama's flicks.

PBW said...

While I was reading your post my eyes kept wandering to the bag of CHEETOS! I'm with Jack. No dinner for me, I want Cheetos!

Anonymous said...

Love M Night S but hated Unbreakable. I think I saw that with you btw. You heard me say, "What?!!! you gotta be kidding me!! It's a comic book???!!! at the end.

I liked this one very much. It was a new twist on the slasher movies that seem to be the worn out rage.

I'm a a bit of a horror flick freak, so there are many on my list..Horror and Sci-fi are my genres!

Evil Dead 2, for it's campiness
Night of the Living Dead. All time Classic
Pitch Black..scary and sexy cool at the same time!
Halloween, cuz Jamie Lee Curtis is my she-ro. Makes you look at Oct 31st a whole different way!
I cannot even touch the Exorcist or the Omen...too darned dark and evil..Fruits of the Devil, evil..Don't want to go there too often.
There are so many more but those are the top of my list! What fun!
Leave it to you to open up my thoughts to all the horror flicks we've seen together in our misguided and uncensored youth.
I don't want my kid watching those flicks! Too scary!!LOL
Thanx for the walk down memory lane!
All the Best

N said...

Mmm. Cheetos.

Kwana said...

I thought it was creepy MTR.

Sorry you didn't like it Emma.

Sorry about the cheetoes PBW!

Great trip down Memory Lane Karli. Love Evil Dead!!

N, you are too funny.

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