Friday, June 6, 2008

My Ears Are Ringing

What's Jack up to?Being Lil Jack. Ya know, wild and crazy. Happy it's Friday. Not that that means much to Jack.

So my always up on the new music writer friend surprised me and dropped this early b-day gift in my in-box. I was too happy. Adele's voice has been haunting me in the best way for days now.
Let her haunt you too.

Darn these Brit girls. They are rockin!



Emma Petersen said...

I love Adele. I had only heard her song Pavements when they played the video on VH1. I wasn't super crazy about it but it grew on me. Thanks for the links to the other two songs. I loved Cold Shoulder.

She said her role models where Billie Holiday and Etta James. After seeing that video I can see why.

Ooooh! And HAPPY B-DAY! I hope it's an awesome one!

Megan Frampton said...

Aww, shucks, glad you enjoyed it.

I am loving My Same these days.

Maureen McGowan said...

thanks Kwana and Megan for the intro to a great new artist for me.

Fifi Flowers said...

Thanks for sharing... love her sound!

Braque68 said...

have you heard of this other British singer named Duffy?

here is a link:

La Belle Americaine said...

I like Adele, but no one can touch my girl Amy! *g*

Kwana said...

Thanks for the comments.
Funny you should bring up Duffy. Megan turned me on to her too. I've been playing her like crazy. I'm also a NUT for Amy. NUTS!

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