Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A-List Night and What-evs

What's Jack up to? He's up and perky and once again I'm oh so tired. Must start getting some sleep. Well not today right, Jack? There's writing to do today.

So, let's get to why I'm so tired. Well, I didn't get to watch Top Chef until the The wee hours of the night because I was out late. Where was I you ask? What, you don't ask? How dare you! I'm telling you anyway. I was at the Bravo A-list Awards!!

See, I got this email a while back that said: click here to win tickets to the A-list Awards and thought, okay. And crazy enough I won! Once I won I panicked. How could I go out on a Wednesday night? No way! I've got kids and way too many things to do. But I so wanted to go. They were being hosted my my fave, Kathy Griffin. I had to find a way.

The lovely DH agreed to get home early and do kid run around duty. A was going to go with my Bravo fan and super fun attorney friend, W, but at the last minute she got stuck in court, doing good and saving the world. UGH! The nerve! It was down to the wire. I called another friend, neighbor and blogger, Wish List Mom, who had to pull herself and her kids together in no time flat in order to go with me.

I drove from Westchester to midtown Manhattan in about 1/2 an hour (I think I'm ready for the Indy 500 now). All in time to hurry up and wait to get inside. Since we were late we were the last to get inside the venue. I was standing for well over an hour on 20 minute shoes. Ouch!

While one line we made friends of course. Here are two of them, Patrick and Aarash who were so much fun to hang and wait with. Don't you love Aarash's hat and Patrick's untied bowtie?

While we were waiting there were 2 things going on, the A list awards and church service of The Journey Church which I had never heard of. Well, did they have a crowd! The longest line for church that I had ever seen. And who did I spy in that line? America's Next Top Model cycle 6 Winner Danielle Evans. She was cute and casual in jeans and and burgundy top. I still Love Dani!

While we were on line we didn't have a view of the covered red carpet and could only hear the cheers but I did see Simon from the Real Housewives of NYC. Ugh! But it was still fun to see him and sneer.

Finally we hobbled in on aching feet. The show was just starting Kathy was onstage singing and being Kathy in all her glory. We got seats upstairs and once we were settled we were happy.

Kathy did not disappoint. She was hilarious! Dissing all who dared cross her and cracking as up in the process. Telling us secrets to her Mona's Basement dress and talking about her peekaboo bra. Be sure to tune in for her duet with Lance Bass. Too funny!

Who did we see? I can't tell the full list, but all the faves were all there such as:
Tim Ginn, Christain, Tom C., Padma All the Top Chef Faves (although I didn't see Tre), Margret Cho, Lauren Hutton, Molly Simms, Obama Girl, all the Housewives of NYC and California and the Supermodels. It was a fun time.

Bonus: For the Sex and the City ladies, remeber Dante from the movie? He was there!

Then it was back home and I could not go to sleep so I open my email and see that something not to good has happened on TOP CHEF. I had to watch. Here goes a quickie recap....
The show opens at the the airport and the are 3 faves and 1 villain with freshly washed and cut hair and I think plucked brows, but I'm not sure. The faves are all shocked by this.

We see that Padma is the only person that looks camera ready after the break. She knows where her bread is buttered everyone else has been living in the kitchen.

Quickfire challenge. Faves run to the table and villain runs to the pantry. Okay villain. Cagey.

Bottom two are: Antonia and Richard
Top two are:Stephanie and Villain, I mean, Lisa

The Winner is Stephanie!! Yay.

There is a party, but Richard is not ready to party he is all about winning. I hear that. The game is always on Richard.

Now the Elimination Challenge. Dang! That is a lot of pig.

It's all pig all the time. A whole pig for each of them to cut up and make 3 dishes with.

And they get help from, Dale, Nikki, Spike and Andrew. All BFF's of Lisa's.

The trick is Stephanie as the winner of the quickfire gets to choose who gets who.

She takes Dale. Richard gets Spike. Antonia gets Nikki and Lisa gets... Andrew. That's right the same Andrew that she ratted out. What does sweet Andrew say? That he'll do what he can to help her win. But watch out, his eyes say she'd better not drink from an already opened bottle given by him if you know what I mean.

The sioux chefs go shopping as the chefs hang back to butcher the pigs ugh. Then it was manic prep time and Lisa's true colors start to show.

In the craziness of the tight kitchen horror struck and Dale forgot to put one of Stephanie pans of pork in the fridge overnight. It's ruined. Now I'm really worried. What if Stephanie has to go home. Mel-O-Drama why are you making me watch this!!!

Now Stephanie has to come up with another dish on the fly.
Dale and Stephanie pull together and come up with something. I won't recap the dishes here. Let's just say they all make a lot of pork. A LOT OF PORK!!!

Turns out even with coming up with an on the fly dish Stephanie is in the top 2 along with Richard. Yay!

The Winner is Richard. Good for him. He won a new car. His wife will be so happy. It will come in handy with the new baby girl!

Now for the bottom 2. Antonia and Lisa. The Not so Glad Room has been moved to sunny Puerto Rico to be just as sad. Lisa assumes she's going home and Antonia is crying because she doesn't want to go home. I've already got a bad feeling.

Just put me out of my misery. Judges please. Out this week is... Antonia.

Lisa rides another week. I'm numb to it all. But it doesn't stop there. Richard and Stephanie are horrified to see their friend and who they feel is the better person go and Lisa gives them crap for not congratulating her! The nerve. How much did I love Stephanie's dead pan expression? "well, congratulations," she said with no emotion. Perfect.

Till next week and the finale. Who knows she may win it all. I won't be surprised.




Mel Francis said...

When she threw her crybaby fit over not being congratulated, I screamed. And then her "reasoning". "It feels like you think the wrong person was sent home."

Um. Projecting much?

I am just disgusted. Honestly.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Loved Richard's comment about how she won the bronze medal. I can't stand Lisa. Where did you get the cute picture of Richard and his baby?

Kwana said...

Yes, Mel, Lisa probably was projecting. Ugh.

The picture was on the TS Site. and other sites. Cute huh?
Richard's comment was great, Elizabeth.

pve design said...

So glad that you were able to go and you and wish list mom look fabulous! Cannot wait to hear all about it!
Bravo! said...

how lucky! i will have to watch the AList when it shows on Bravo! you should've asked Simon where Alex was!

Amy said...

Oh, very cool evening. So glad you got to go!

theminx said...

Wow - you went to the A List awards? Coolllll.... We all have to wait another week to see who won. :)

I'm completely po'd that Lisa made it to the final three.

My TC post.

Nanc Twop said...

Wow, you actually got to go to the Bravo A-list awards. What a riot that must have been. Post more details anytime you think of them - we the envious await!

''Dale, Nikki, Spike and Andrew. All BFF's of Lisa's.''
- LOL But she's the finalist!

* Now I'm getting as paranoid as Lisa; did the producers put her in TC (and are keeping her) just to bug fans who want a woman to win?... I'm officially worried now.

Fun lunch-read!

my Top Chef posts

Anonymous said...

Great Re-Cap...ugh, numb is right. Just...constantly shaking my head and going...HOW IS LISA STILL HERE?!?!?!

And the A-List Awards?!??! FANCY!!!

Kwana said...

We will talk you ears off pve!

Oh Mommytherobot. Simon had just stepped out to speak with someone for a moment when I saw him the rest of the time he was sitting right next to Alex. I don;t know where the rest of the Housewives were sitting. They were not next to Alex from where I could see.

Thanks Amy.

I'm so with you The Minx!

Thanks Nanc I'm worried too. I tried to take pics there with my cell but they are blurred. I'll see how they post.

Thanks Liza. It was fun to see how everyone was dressed up.

Eileen said...

Great recap of our night. No time to blog today my computer was out all day. Had a great time!!!

Maggie said...

Lisa whining has become so redundant I can barely make the effort to roll my eyes.

I love Dani too! She had the best personality out of all of the ANTMs.
My Top Chef recap

PBW said...

A-List Awards!?! Wow!!!

Your Top Chef recaps are better than the show! Now I read your recap and watch the rerun on the weekend.

Kwana said...

Thanks Eileen. It was fun. I'm so glad you came with me.

I know Maggie. She is not worth the eye roll.

The Awards were fun pbw and we saw Tom C cook!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Oh wow, you won tickets!!! How cool is that!!! I'm so happy you won because I know how much you love the Bravo Network.

Thanks for taking us behind-the-scenes of the awards show. Great receap!!! I feel like I was there! LOL

Btw, I can't believe LISA is still there??!!!! My fave is Stephanie! I hope she wins. :-)

David Dust said...

Kwana - I am SO BEHIND in my blog reading - and I am SO jealous that you got to go to the A-List awards. You are ABSOLUTELY "A-List" in my book!!

And how 'bout that usual, I thought of you immediately when I figured out that she had made it YET AGAIN!


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