Monday, June 23, 2008

Hell Week Part Deux

What's Jack up to? The sweetie is still in the NYC as I write this. I'm on my way to get him in a bit so we'll see how he is once he returns home. Will he be a Harlem dog when he gets back?

So the DH and I had a lovely weekend filled with good friends, cocktails and lots of food. I'm suffering from a lobster hangover after attending a lobster fest this weekend where I tried to eat my weight in lobster. Ouch! The weekend started lovely and I actually dressed up and and went to a cocktail party at a good friends house. She's an artist and friend to this blog and super chic and her cocktail party was a lovely summer night event held on her back stone patio.

Everyone said it felt like we were in Europe somewhere. Since I've never attended a chic cocktail party in Europe I took their word for it and agreed.

Then it was on to the weekend lobster fest where on the first night I proudly held my own at poker with some of my DH's buddies and represented for the ladies and on the next day and held my own with the lobster. Whew. I'm tired.

Now onto Hell week part 2 with the Dear Twins. Maybe I should start to call them the Wonder Twins. Anybody remember them from the Super Friends? Sorry, side thought.

Anyhoo... I'm reading Janet Evanovich's Full House . It's Fun and a change of pace from last week's historical, but I must admit I have Philippa Gregory's The Virgin's Lover and I may have to crack that open this week too. It's calling my name.

What are you up to this week?



mommythe said...

wow sounds like a fun weekend! thanks for the shout out to philippa gregrory;'s new book!

The (Mis)Adventures of a Single City Chick said...

You had a jam packed weekend, but the lobster and cocktail party sound like a blast! Cocktails taste so much better when dressed for the part. :-)

Kwana said...

Mommytherobot I made a mistake. It's The Virgin's Lover. I fixed it now. Check it out. Sorry.

Single City Chick. Yes it was packed. I'm so tired today.

Fifi Flowers said...

I am so jealous! I have not had a decent lobster since I was in Boston for summer 2003... I need a flight to the east!

Marley Gibson said...

Wonder Twins activate!!!!

= )

N said...

Deep breaths, and the Wonder twins had a monkey named Gleek.

You have a dog named Jack. You're safe!

Kwana said...

Yes, fifi you must take a flight. The lobster was really good.

Marley I should have known you'd get it!

You too N. You even remembered the pet. I love that!

PBW said...

What did you wear!?!?!

Kwana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kwana said...

Oh pbw to the cocktail party I wore a cute black dress by Issac Mizrahi from Target. It was a black cotton warp with a full skirt and pockets and a cute bow in the front. I was happy because I was comfortable.
Thanks for asking! I hope you approve.

London Calling said...

Sounds delish! And Janet Evanovich is a favorite. Wit enough to make me laugh outloud. Now thats my kind of book.

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