Saturday, June 21, 2008

Talking Historicals

What's Jack up to? Hold only your hats. Jack is a city dog for the weekend. He's gone off with Nana for a couple of days to be spoiled and seduced by the bright lights of the big city. I hope he does well with real heights and doesn't come home with too much of an attitude.

I thought we'd talk historical romances this weekend and literary escapes. Although I write contemporary I have a big time love of historical romances. BIG TIME!

And during Hell Week this past week one one the things that help me get though was Lisa Kleypas' DREAMING OF YOU. I loved it! I think I got the recommendation from Kristie and Katie at Ramblings on Romance you can check them out here. It's a great blog and a wonderful resource.

Now I hear from PIC Megan, a wonderful historical writer herself, that it's a book that brings out strong opinions. You either love it or hate it. I really loved it. It gave me just the escape I needed for Hell Week. Now I need something for Hell Week Part Deux because it still ain't over yet. Can you believe that? Sigh.

What are your favorite Literary escapes? Come on and share. Don't be shy. We're all friends here. I hope.


PS- Scroll down for Ask The Agent. It's a goody!


Kristen Painter said...

My great escapes tend to be historicals, or if I'm in the mood for something heavier, a paranormal. I say heavier because it's impossible to find a light paranormal these days. You really have to be willing to commit to all the subplots and world building and so on when you read the paranormals that are out there. Doesn't mean I don't like them, I just need something lighter, like a historical or contemp, to cleanse the palate in between.

Marley Gibson said...

LOL...I love that Jack's off to the city with Nana. Does he have a special brunch date set up? Hee hee.

My great escapes would be books I've read before that I love so much like BRIDGET JONES, a handful of Sandra Brown books (older ones), GONE WITH THE WIND...stuff like that.

PBW said...

For escape, I'll usually go with a historical or vampire romance.

Kwana said...

I love hearing about these. Keep them coming.

Yes, Kristen I think you're right about the paranormal commitment.

Yes, Mar I'm sure jack I'll have plenty of dates set up.

Oh, Vampire romances are fun too, PBW.

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