Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shear Fun

What's Jack up to? He's back to playing big time guard dog, barking like crazy at all the big dogs that walk by. He doesn't seem to notice that they don't even spare little 'ole Jack a glance.

Hell week continues, but I'm smiling through it because last night was the premier of Shear Genius, the hairdressing reality show on Bravo with my all time favorite angel Jaclyn Smith. Who still looks great but I have to say it. Have she and Kim Vo both been to the same plastic surgeon for just a bit of work. Just a tiny bit. Enough to make me say stop. No more please.

So who am I loving? Oshun. Because he’s so deep or at least he thinks he is. And Charlie from, um, hell? What’s up with that? Attitude already. I love it!

The first challenge is a blindfold challenge. I could not imagine having my hair cut by a blindfolded stylist. No way! Poor Oshun came in last. Boo hoo.

For the elimination Challenge that had to do hair based on cartoon characters. Too fun!
When Charlie started to compare the blue hair piece he was working on to pubic hair mentor, Rene Fris’, jaw dropped and mine did too. Ewww.

I loved the Betty Boop Hair the best. This is going to be a fun show!

And don’t worry if you missed the first episode, it’s Bravo which means repeats all week.



Kristen Painter said...

Oshun was a hot mess. It's too bad he didn't stay longer. Hot messes make for good tv!

David Dust said...

Dearest Kwana -

"Top Haircut" is one HOT STEAMING MESS of a show - but it was entertaining. I took notes and will be posting some thoughts later.

And, of course, you and I think exactly alike - I noted that Jacklyn and Kim went to the same plastic surgeon. And it's obvious that Jacklyn got the "deluxe" package, whereas Kim got the basic lip puffer-upper special.

And poor Oshun - he wasn't as deep as he thought he was.


Eileen said...

So now you are getting me hooked on yet another reality show.

David Dust said...

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's thoughts on last night's episode of Top Haircut, er, SHEAR GENIUS.


Kwana said...

This proves it David, we were separated at birth. I'm so glad you're blogging Shear Genius!

Eileen I'm trilled you're watching too!

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