Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The fix Is In

If you don't want to be disillusioned then don't go here for the scoop on The Bachelor. Thanks to Maria and Elizabeth for the link. I tell ya, I know shifty when I see shifty. Poor Nana is drained today after dealing with Jason.

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Kristen Painter said...

I don't think I've seen a song fit a video so well in a long time.

MariaGeraci said...

LOL, awesome video! I have to say, I will never believe that Molly and Jason weren't in touch before last night's shameful program. How else could she take him "back"? I think Jason is basically a nice guy who let the whole Bachelor thing go to his head and now he's ended up a major shmuck. I give him and Molly a couple of months, tops before their "chemistry" sizzles.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...


Thank you very much for stopping on over to MLHP! I "see" you all the time in Elements of Style's comment section, and never knew you had a blog of your own!
As I always hope to spin somewhat cleverly in posting, I am happy and humbled to know a writer approved!
Will see you around the 'sphere, I'm sure!
Take Care,

Blog Artists said...

That's hilarious!
Great video...he should have listened to Deanna...if he really thought about it...he wouldn't have been in that situation...I was expecting the limo to turn back after Molly left and him change his mind then!
Gotta love reality TV!

Laquita said...

Lol - yep he's shifty alright :o)

Frau said...

Don't get me wrong I miss watching the Bachelor or any American TV for that matter. BUT none of them have work out except Krista and Ryan ...what gives!

Mona said...

He's cute. Kwana you know you want him, LOL!!!

Joyce said...

Great video! Did you watch it tonight?

pve design said...

As a dear friend says, "The things you see when you don't have a gun" - tee hee. If he crossed me with those lips, and I knew his history, he'd be "outa my life." Well. maybe not.

heidi said...

That dude gives me the willies. ick! I can't even watch, so I truly appreciate your updates! :-)

Ina J Offret said...

Wow that was fun! Had fun working my upper body during the song!! What a jerk and Molly should take LOTS of time before she makes a committment with him... I can hardly believe any of these hookups really work, tho.

Anonymous said...


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