Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Forward- New Knits

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Knit Wednesday post. Mainly, because I’m embarrassed to be so far behind in my knitting. I’m still on that darn second sock. Every once in a while knitting a row here and there and when it’s our Wednesday knitting group but mostly doing more therapeutic chatting than knitting.

I also have a bulky black turtleneck that I fear may be done by the winter of 2020 at the rate I’m going but at this point my mind is now onto lighter prettier things like this:

The pattern is called Spring Forward.

Isn’t it sweet? From here and unfortunately way out of my league. I’d probably have to start with taking a class in lace knitting before a could graduate up to a circular sock in such a pattern but isn’t it nice to dream?

New thing to add to my goal list: Take a class in lace knitting.

Tell me, what’s something new you’d like to learn?



How funny are the Not So Real Housewives of the NYC? Thisssss funny. That dis-Countess and Ramona had me laughing so hard last night. I sure needed that at 10PM. And Alex and Simon in their sad blow up pool. I cracked up but it gave me something to like about them. I should get one for the DH and I. We'll be living the high life too.


Joyce said...

Just think when you are finished with the 2nd sock you will appreciate this pair like no other. Ohhh... the spring ones are pretty. Hmmm... so many things I want to learn from jumping from a plane to sewing and knitting. For now I am going to focus on the camera.
Happy Knitting Day! xoxo

Frau said...

Beautiful socks, I can only knit scarves! Like Joyce I'm trying to get better and figure out my camera. I would love to take a class.

MariaGeraci said...

My mother taught me to knit when I was six so I would stop sucking my thumb. It worked! Unfortuately, I don't have the patience or time anymore, but maybe some day.
On a side note, I caught my husbad watching the Real Housewives last night in the den. You'd think I'd caught him watching porn he was so embarassed! It was hysterical. He mumbled something about trying to find the Golf channel!

Kristen Painter said...

I'd like to learn a second language. Will I? Probably not. Sad, I know.

Kwana said...

Thanks Joyce. You're right i will appreciate this sock like no other.

To both you and Frau I want to study my camera a bit more too.

Maria, your comment cracked me up! That is so funny.

Kristen I'd like to learn another language someday too. French. Add that to the list. I may be Ninety.

Ina J Offret said...

Re knitting... love the socks but accept my fate as a scarf-only knitter....

NYC Housewives! I think the Countess is so phony but entertaining as are Alex and Simon and their horrible townhouse in Bklyn!! I do not like Ramona! They don't show enough of Kelly, but I do enjoy Jill and Betheny. Jill's husband never seems to have much to say.... Loved Jill's mom, reminded me of all the Jewish moms out there! Love them!!

Deidra said...

Lovely sock! You can do it! I'm sure of it!

I'd like to learn to play the guitar...but I don't want to practice.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

That pattern is so pretty. I really wished I knew how to knit as well.

Now with all this free time on my hands I may just give it a try.

I totally cracked up as well with Alex and Simon in the pool! Too funny.

A Day That Is Dessert said...

I didn't know you knitted at all! I am so not domestic in those ways. That being said, I would love to take a sewing class once Cal's in school.

pve design said...

Learn something new, I think belly dancing would be fun. Knitting 2 socks simultaneously would be cool and learning the art of "tatting" which my Grandmother did and I have her tatting spool plus some things that she made.

Jax Cassidy said...

Love those knit socks! I am crossing my fingers you knit me a scarf for Christmas :) **Jax bats eyelashes**

I don't watch that show because I've seen a couple of episodes and those ladies drive me crazy!!!!!

But if it made you laugh, I'm happy.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Oh the socks look soft and dreamy! Go ahead, take that class! (If you perfect it-teach me and I'll teach you to speak french!)

I'd like to learn to fence, yep fencing-it's been a dream of mine for some time. It's sexy, like the lascivious librarian-only with more aggression and no astigmatism!

preppyplayer said...

I agree with Ina, love Jill and Bethany as they seem 'real." The show is just right before bedtime cuz it doesn't leave you much to think about...
Learning something new? I would like to learn how to crochet. I would make little, colorful baby blankets!

Those sock look difficult but possible...for you :)

Debra said...

I would love to learn Italian.
And are those ladies (ahem...) for real? Do women really act like that? Yikes! With "friends" like that who needs.......

Kwana said...

Jax you always make me smile batting your lashes at me. Just the cutest.

Ina I think I'll me knitting lace scarves first. But will still need a class.

Deidra the guitar sounds fun!

High-Heeled give it a try!

Lecia, yes do try a sewing class. I learned at FIT and it was a great lesson. French seams delish.

PVE we need a good knitting class. Must look one up.

T. Allen my Dear Daughter did fencing this year and last year in school. I think it's so cool.

Preppy I agree on Jill and Bethany. I haven't tried crocheting in a long time. My Nana taught me way back when. It's fun, but I'm not very good.

Debra, Italian sounds great. I think the Housewives are a pinch real with some produced help. Lots of added drama for TV.

Leigh said...

Those are great!! I cannot knit at all. The only thing I ever learned was finger weaving a long line of thread lol.


annechovie said...

Wow, that is SOME sock!
My mom was telling me about Alex's pool - too funny.

P.S. your jack would make a perfect subject - he's the cutest!

Kaitlyn's Momma said...

Those socks are simply adorable!!

As for the thing(s) I'd like to learn? Knitting is definitely one of them! Taking absolutely breathtaking photos is another.

N said...

a) gorgeous it!
b) I'd like to learn how to...knit!
c) did you see that one of the housewives from NYC got arrested?

Kwana said...

I did see that, N. And you can learn to knit. You all can. Go for it.

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