Thursday, March 5, 2009

Top Chef Watch What Happens- Spoiler alert ahead

So I just watched the watched what happens special this morning because I was all thrown off with my times last night and watched Top Model. I have to say. This is the way to watch Top Chef!

Well Bravo did a nice job trying to sell us on the magical trickery of Hosea. Um, I didn’t fall for it, but nice try.

Love the Team Europe Bromance clip. Now I want an I heart Fabio tee- shirt.

Oh and then the tension of the Hosea and Leah romance. And Hosea tries to blame it on the Alcohol. Just like the Jamie Foxx song. Way to man up, Hosea.

Now On to lighter things. Who knew about all the craziness going on in the Not So Glad room? I guess they found a way to make it pretty glad. Beds, volleyball net, booze.
The Stefan clip just cracked me up. Laugh out loud funny.
The homage to Tom and all the bald men. Loved it too.

Now the Fan favorite is… Fabio. Ok I’m fine with it, I guess. If my Carla couldn’t win then I’m glad it’s Fabio. He was the funniest. Can’t wait for the Fabio show!

I sure hope Carla gets a show sometime. I’m not ready to let her go yet. We can all practice a little of The Carla Way in our lives. That should be the name of her show. Are you listening Bravo producers?
I'm going to miss Top Chef.
Love this wild show.
Scroll down for fun Jack pics in his cool new booties!



Kristen Painter said...

I haven't watched it yet. I was all caught up in the new ANTM and Make Me A Supermodel. Because I like to torture myself with the thinness that will never be.

Louisa Edwards said...

Hell's Kitchen is on tonight!

MariaGeraci said...

I really don't need to get hooked to another reality show. Maybe if I repeat that 100 times it will actually sink in! (but I have a feeling it won't)

Tamstyles said...

Kwana, everytime I see your profile picture it just makes me smile back..too cute.

Jax Cassidy said...

I'm waiting for the marathon. I keep missing the episodes so it's my treat to sit back and watch ALL the episodes at once. It's always fun!

Sweet Nothings said...

my dad is obsessed with Top Chef..lucky for him, I live 15 min from Fabio's resturant..happy bday present to him, i think we're going to go!

Sweet Nothings said...


Is it me, or do the contestants on Top Model begin to be kinda creepy, in the sense they like bawl hysterically whenever Tyra is around?

But I am loving London, the Model on a Mission!!!

Eileen said...

This was a great after show. I love Fabio & Carla. At least Carla won the car. I think Hosia will get an opportunity in NY and be with Leah. There was chemistry there.

Kaitlyn's Momma said...

I'm going to miss Top Chef too. :(

Mary-Laure said...

I totally missed the show but I heard Carla was GREAT.

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