Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Dog!

What’s Jack up to? Jack has been quite busy lately and keeping me very busy too. Yesterday, don’t ask me why, but he went into the bathtub to take the soap out of the soap dish to chew on it under my bed. Good thing I noticed it early. Ewww... Bad Dog.

But despite being the baddest dog in town, Jack is the luckiest. This weekend Jack got a very special present all the way from Alaska! His buddies, Jeter, Ginger and Toby with the help if their most wonderful owner, Ina of Ina J. Offret sent Jack snow booties! The kind I had been admiring on them from their treks in the snow. See the cuties here.

And check Jack out in the booties!

We had a late season storm just so Jack could try them out. He was so excited about them that he kept kicking one off so I took them all off, afraid he’d lose them in the snow. We’ll try another day.

Thanks so much Ina and the gang. I love my blog buddies.

Oh and I got the coolest slipper socks and as a bonus Jack got Alaskan Salmon treats. I wonder what if they make special New York treats. Perhaps hot dog flavored?


America's Next Top Model Started last night. Did you watch? I did. Let the fierce hot mess begin. I hope this season is better than the last. If not, it won't hold me.


A Day That Is Dessert said...

Sooo cute! I love Ina - how awesome of her to send those to Jack!

Frau said...

Jack is a little devil, bathtub and bar of soap. Nothing is safe in your home! Love the booties!

vicki archer said...

Jack is looking very, very chic in his coat, xv.

MariaGeraci said...

Jack is adorable:)

Kristen Painter said...

Jack is as spoiled as my cats. lol

Ina J Offret said...

Jack's paws needed some secure boots for your over abundance of snow.....was happy to send a bit of Alaska to one of my favorite NY dogs!! Have a lovely weekend! This weekend is the start of the Iditarod!! I hope to get some great pictures at the ceremonial start of the race in downtown Anchorage.. xoxo from Ina and the Pack

Sarah Tormey said...

Hi Kwana, I love the pictures of Jack! My mother-in-law once sent a box of soap she'd made to my mother as a gift. My mother returned home the next day to find her labs had eaten the entire box.

I'm very excited for this season of top model and plan to watch the first episode today! (Yay DVR:)

pve design said...

oh what cute booties - now those would look sweet with a snuggly - do they make snugglies for dogs?
tee hee. How thoughtful of INA!

Sheryl said...

How cute, I wonder if my dogs would leave them on?

Eileen said...

soooo cute!!!!

Joyce said...

LOL... He was chewing on the soap?! I would think it would taste nasty. At least his breath was clean.

Oh that Ina, she sure is something! I'm sure he is digging those treats. I love the pic of him standing in the house with his booties, oh excuse me I mean boots. LOL.. It was if he was saying "I hope you are enjoying this because I'm not. How about you wear these boots and give me the bag of treats?!" LOL.. xoxo

Kotori said...

Jack is so ridiculously cute! Love those little booties!!

Kotori said...

Jack is so ridiculously cute! Love those little booties!!

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