Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little House

This sweet little house that is on a neighbor's front yard is just coming out from under the snow and it looks like we're in for a bunch more come tonight. Sigh.

I hope the forecast is wrong since I'm as busy as all get out getting the dear twins ready for a school trip to Paris later in the week. Yep, that Paris. I'm trying to keep myself sane and not worry too much since they have never been out of the country or on vacation without me so yes, I wish I were going too to keep an eye out and hey, It's Paris. Why wouldn't I want to go?

What are you up to? Is it snow are sun in your forecast?



Frau said...

How fun for the twins, Paris! Tell them to watch for pick pocketer and the gypsies in front of Notre Dame.They are going to have a great time...I hope they have decent weather. What mom have planned while the kids are away?

Debra said...

You have given them roots- now it's time for you to have a week all to yourself-enjoy!

Purple Flowers said...

Paris will be a wonderful experience for them!

Since I am a neighbor to you in northern NJ, we are expecting to see the same amount of snow as you are. Be careful driving if you must go out!

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas said...

How awesome for the twins. We're due for colder weather down here in Fl. I know 50 degrees isn't anything to what you'll be experiencing but it's cold for us.

Ina in Alaska said...

All weekend we had snow snow snow (yeah ok this is Alaska) but the sunshine is just glorious! We are expecting more snow this week. My driveway snowplow guy will make a lot of money!! Hope the Dear Twins send you pix from Paris so you can post them!! xoxo

pve design said...

Imagine the immigrants leaving their native land and making that journey to America with all their belongings and no cell phone, nor internet to be in touch. I always think of things like that and compare life today. I think they were so brave.

Your twins will love Paris and I know you would too.
Be brave for them and know that they will be fine travelers.

sula said...

*sigh*. we already had 2+ feet here in VA and another 6-12 inches are forecast for today and tomorrow. The roads are still a mess and I expect they will only get worse. Stay safe and warm! Your kids will be fine in Paris. A great place. :)

Deidra said...

It's Monday here at that means snow. Oh well!

Your twins are lucky! Enjoy the short-term empty nest while they're gone!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Wait! They didn't need a mommy chaperone? I would've gone in your place in case you didn't want to go! :)

Tell me that this isn't a "school field trip"? Because here in California, even a walk to the local police station is the closest the kids will get for a "real" field trip.

Joyce said...

Paris, fun!! Too bad they didn't need another chaperone.
It started snowing during the night and has been all day so far. I don't want to bring bad news, but I thought I heard this was going east. I hope your twins have a wonderful time. Oh and don't forget tell them to bring a little frech pup home for Jack. xo

Kwana said...

This is sort of a "school field trip" though all paid for my the parents. 21 kids going from the French classes.

I do wish I could be a chaperon though. I went to Paris once and loved it so much.

I hope the kids realize one day how blessed they are.

And Joyce, I sure hope they don't bring a French pup home. Jack would have a fit.

Thanks everyone!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Stay warm!! And Paris! - awesome!

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