Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter in Paris

What’s Jack up to? Oh that Jack is trying my last nerve. Yesterday after a workout with my new Shape Up sneakers I decided to reward myself with a nice bath before continuing with my chores and getting ready for the Dear Twins to come home. Well, I ran my bubble bath, closed the door just about all the way, and went about doing some things when I looked and saw Jack acting squirrely. Tossing and flipping like he was trying to dry himself. Well… sigh… that little stinker had jumped into my bath before I could. Can you believe it? I fixed him and a chased him down and gave him a bath for real. Don’t know what’s more work. One little dog or 16 year old twins.

Yeah, I know, it’s the Teen Twins (but Jack is close). They returned home last night tired and happy to see us (Jack the most). Paris was a love, love, love even in the winter (they had a bit of snow). I'm so happy they are back safe and sound. What a joy for us to send them on this trip and to have them return to us.

I will report more soon. Enjoy your day.

Painting of Paris in the Winter by Antoine Blanchard



Joyce said...

I'm so happy the twins arrived home safe and sound.

Kwana I have to make sure my love isn't on a business call to India when I read your post about Jack. I bursted out squealing like a pig in a mud bath! The good news is he was all cleaned up to see his kids.
Enjoy! xo

Barbara said...

Jack is so cute. Maybe he was just testing the water.

Your twins are lucky ladies to spend some time in Paris.

I'm a first time commenter--found your blog via Ms. PVE.


Debra said...

I'm glad everyone is tucked in safe and sound. That Jack-what a little hoot he is-and a clean one to boot!

Kristen Painter said...

More importantly, what did they bring you?


Yay...flew back home to their nest!
That was a quick trip~

Ina in Alaska said...

ooo la la that painting is just gorgeous, Kwana, for a moment I thought you painted it in honor of their return (smiles)

I saw your Tweet yesterday about Jack jumping in the tub, that must have been hilarious!

Glad the DTs are home safe and sound. Looking forward to hearing about their trip. xoxo

December said...

That's hilarous!! my jack would never ever EVER go in the bath willingly. He hates water. even the beach, he's not too keen on jumping in.
Glad the twins are home safe and sound!

pve design said...

One of my favorite cities in any season.
Glad the twins enjoyed Paris!

Frau said...

yay! Your babies are home safe and sound. I hope they get some rest and tell of their trip.

Thanks for your kinda words today ;)

Kwana said...

Thanks for the well wishes for the twins. They really had the best time. Brought me back sweet souvenirs, small prints, coasters and a little replica of Notre Dame.
Now it's back to the grind. Yikes.

N said...

Can't wait to hear more. I am sure they are full of wonder. xo

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