Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blogging Project Runway- down to the wire

So it was down to the wire at Project Runway.

I loved opening with Chris in his old man robe and watching Christian do an extra special job with the flat iron. Fierce. Little Miss High Maintenance.

Finally a challenge using art as inspiration and they are in my favorite place (see 6 unimportant things about me) The Met! Yes! I’m in design heaven and to be there alone when it’s not full of tourists. What a dream.

The Temple of Dendur! I talked it up! Yes again!

Rami was in heaven in the Greek wing. Drape on boy! Show us your best Greek statue pose?

Christian being such a little show off pain in the butt. Eww, but funny and there is no denying the boy can sew.

And Christian made his model look just like him! So sweet. I love to watch him get critiqued. He finally gets humble. Love how he pranced off.

Now Chris sleeping? What up with that? Then arguing with Tim? Suicide. I'll say it, I was nervous. But should have known it was not to be. His design was wonderful although he should have followed Tim’s advice and made that bow bigger. He may have won if he did.

What’s up with that gold fabric Jillian? Yeech!

Rami too much with the draping, predictable and not over the top enough. Come on! I'm bored already.

Now Sweet P, pla-ese, come on. With a peacock theme you could have gone all out and should have. This was the finals. Bring your 'A' game baby!

Now I’m soooo confused? Sweet P out, but they did the switcharoo and had her show at Fashion week to throw me off. Very sly PR. What a way to keep a secret.

So Rami’s out right (cut to me grinning)? No, it’s Rami in? In what? I don’t get it. Dead locked. What the heck is that? Chris was clearly better. Send drape boy home! Oh judges, please, if that’s the case keep Sweet P in too. Ugh.
I’m calling a flag on the play. Whatever that means. See you next week for the reunion.


Mel Francis said...

this was Project Foulplay. Seriously. Rami should be G-O-N-E. Every one of his pieces looked the same. How surprising he chose a toga. He's never done a toga before... so what if it was totally wearable--so was Sweet P's. And her dress was really cute. NOT Finale cute, but I liked it. I agree that Chris should've been a shoo-in, even though his design was a little reminiscent of the one he did earlier. It was a far superior dress to Rami's toga. I think they were punishing him for finishing early and taking a nap. WTF was he thinking?

Kwana said...

Mel, once again we're of like minds. They were so unfair to Chris. I hope he wins, but he probaly won't. If they choose Rami over him I'm gonna scream. You'll be hearing me.

Marley Gibson said...

I totally agree that Rami should have been AUF'D! WTF?!?! They're judges...if they couldn't work it out, then bring the Best Boy in to choose. That was just crap that he put out on the stage. At least Sweet P tried something more creative. It just didn't work. I'm sorry to see her go. But I'm glad Chris made it (so far) and I swear, if they take Mr. Draper over Chris, I'll be peeved like nobody's business.

Poor Chris...if he'd lose some weight, he wouldn't be so worn out by merely stitching. I predict he's going to win the fan favorite.

I still say Jack would have won the whole thing had he not gotten sick.

Kwana said...

I'm glad you agree with me Marley. I hope Chris makes it. I'll be so mad if they take Rami. Ugh. You know Mango may win fan fav too. I'll hear you screaming from MA.

David Dust said...

Hey Kwana -

I LOVE the Met! But poor Sweet P and her Peacockery - it was sad.

Click here for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.

Kwana said...

Hi David,

Thanks for visiting. Your recap was just great. I laughed so hard.
Love the Met! Temple of Dendur rocks. Great minds thinking alike.

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