Friday, February 22, 2008

Runway Rage

What's Jack up to. It's late so he's all curled up and sleeping like a baby. Ah, bliss.

Survivor was a wild one this week. Attitudes and arguments galore. I thought blood would be drawn during that crazy football/sack challenge. I'm now ripping up my application. No diet is worth that abuse!

I can't believe that Yau-Man was voted out. I should have known though because he was my pick for the winner this season. Shows once again that I sure can't pick them. And what's with Cirie who has turned into this power hungry megalomaniac? Too bad for her that she'll be out soon.

I tuned into Make Me A Supermodel and once again couldn't help feeling like I was watching the poor man's ANTM. The water tank? Been there done that. The animals on the catwalk? What tha!? That's so stretching it. Then for much needed drama they decided to to a mid-season haircut, hoping the poor Frankie would do a freak out. He disappointed them all and took the cut like a man. For what it's worth I'm rooting for Jacki who made it to the bottom 3 this week.

Jacki in the tank photo from Bravo

Not that it's awful, but maybe now I feel all model shows should have cat fights and the airbrushed perfection of J. Manuel. And Tyson I just can't get with. He wants so bad to be Tyra that he just talks for no reason, dishing out the tough model love. Allegedly he even went so far as to bad mouth Miss T, saying he's got more clout. Um, Dude you may be all that, but crazy Miss T is really all that. And excuse me wasn't that you I saw tipping in on ANTM cycle 9 to make the girls all drooly?




Mel Francis said...

Heh. You and I are twinkie subjects again...though I disagree with you a little.

I think getting Yau out now was smart, though I'm going to miss him. He is by far, my fave player ever. He really did need to go before he became too popular again.

And I watch Super Model because I don't like Tyra. She wears me out. But I used to like her...I think my dislike started after she donned that "fat suit" and whined about how nobody was nice to her anymore. What a total crock of poo. Wah! I hate fat suit wearers! LOL

Kwana said...

Hey Mel,

We are too funny. Sweet Yau will be missed. I know Tyra can be annoying and I can't stand the fat suit thing either. But I just can't help but love Top Model. I think my fav on that show is J. Manuel and I just love me some Nigel.

Also crazy Ty is a powerhouse. She's a total ego maniac,(I crack up when she does the crazy eyes. "Like this or this, you see the difference?" um no.) but she's a smart cookie and Top Model is now shown in over 120 countries. Cha-ching!

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