Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vision Quest

What’s Jack up to? Once again he’s proving himself to be the cagiest little dog ever. Would someone tell me how he’s learned to open the sliding pocket laundry room door so easily? Dude those are paws not hands and stay out of my clean laundry. I didn’t wash it for you to lay in it. Ugh, Jack!

So for a few hours yesterday evening I perused the mall on a quest. And I do mean a quest because when I get it into my head that I have to find something there is really no putting me off. I’m relentless. Now you may ask what was the reason for said quest. Well, I was in search of a new everyday bag.

Bag shopping for me is no light deal. It takes much care and preparation. I’m a former designer born and raised in New York and although it may sound shallow (so what I never claimed to be deep) I love a good bag. For me a new bag is heaven. What’s not to love? Bags don’t hurt your feet and in most cases don’t make you butt look big.

Now, it’s a recession going on and I’m not rolling in the dough by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that a good bag is an investment. At least it is for me. Sure trendy is great and I do go for that every once in a while, but trends come and go and even if you get a good knock off it’s bound to fail you down the line in the quality department. I’ve had cheap bags break at the most inconvenient times. And Mom has had the same Louis Vuitton speedy bag since I was a teen and it still looks great today.

That said, I do believe the prices are just crazy. What’s with some of these unknown makers throwing a 695.00 price tag on a bag? You’d better prove to me there’s something that makes that bag worth it besides the color. For another fun debate check out Brown Girl Gumbo’s post on the subject.

What also gets me is seeing a 15 year old prancing around with said 695.00 bag. Sister, you don’t have a job and I don’t care what your daddy makes you should not be sporting a 695.00 bag. Reality will hit one day and it will hurt like hell.

All that said, the lovely DH went on his best behavior (no sports on TV) and patiently walked with me while I looked at pretty much every black bag in the mall. He also gave really smart and well thought out opinions on the contenders. Was that really my DH talking stitching, construction and weight? Oh I was so proud, something has rubbed off!

There were stops at Nordstrom, Coach, Michael Kors, Burberry, Banana Republic and for wishing, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Ahh... is there really nirvana in the bottom of a Pelham bag or bliss in the pouch of a Damier Speedy? I think yes.

bags from coach and Marc by Marc Jacobs

Now, this little black bag had a lot of criteria to stand up to before making the cut. It had to be the right size, not too big or too small, the right weight and the right look, not too trendy and defiantly not boring. It’s a lot to ask for, but this bag would be my new BFF for years to come- we had to connect. After many steps and some back tracking the winner of the bag bowl was found in a surprising place, Cole Haan. There it was. Black –check, good size- check, good weight-check, excellent construction-check, Gorgeous- super check. Yes!
Tip- notice the lack of hardware-
keeps the bag light weight and you can wear it with anything.


Kristen Painter said...

Lovely choice! See me, I'm more of a hardware girl. I only wear gold, so if a bag has some gold nuts-n-bolts, I'm all over it. (Or brass, that works too.)

I've got that third bag - the Coach one, but I've got it in a limited edition for their 65th anniversary (there were only 1000 of them made). It's my pride and joy bag, but I have a white Michael Kors doctor-style bag that is fun for summer.

And I agree with you on the random pricing some of these new designers are throwing out. I mean, hello, how about you make a name for youself first?

Marley Gibson said...

I got a Betsey Johnson bag in Canada last year right before the dollar tanked! It was $285 Canadian, but I only paid about $200 for it and it will last me forev'ah! I can't imagine paying nearly $700 for a purse. I'd be afraid to use it!

Kwana said...

Great Bag Kristen. Good for you. You don't know how many times I went back to it. It's still on the wish list. I loved the hardware and classic shape, but because I wear lots of silver and gold I didn't want to commit. Silly huh?

Marley, your bag sounds fab. I love Betsey! Will I see it at NEC? I have to say if you do get a $700 purse, use it like crazy and get your money out of it!

Katie(babs) said...

For some reason the mall doesn't like me :( I go, look and instead of buying clothes, I buy books!
Evil books.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Great post!! I LOVE COLE HAAN bags. You definitely made a smart and fashionable choice. Although the photos of the Coach and Marc Jacobs' bags look pretty nice too, Cole Haan is just as good as far as quality.

I also love your choice because it doesn't have hardware! I've been on a quest to find one like that as well!

Thanks so much for the link!! :-)

Kwana said...

Oh, Katie, those evil books! The good thing (if you can call it a good thing) about this mall is that the Barnes and Noble is up the street and not attached. No book diversion! That would add an hour to every trip.

Hi, Brown Girl. Thanks. I'm glad you like my pick. You are the fashion Queen:)

Anonymous said...

bee-u-tious choice!

I am thinking for $700 you better be able to sleep in it and it should at least keep you warm at night!

hope you are enjoying the break


Kwana said...

Thanks Anonymous! I'm glad you like my choice. Now why so anonymous? Are you in witness protection?

Em said...

Growing up, I went to a school where almost everyone had a Louis. It was the same with my neices except now they've moved on to Chanel, Gucci and Chloe. I wouldn't have died if I didn't have one but...

A friend of mine was on a handbag hunt today and found a lovely little DKNY. I myself haven't had much luck. I'm really loving Elliott Lucca. He's designs are fresh, his prices are reasonable and he's still undiscovered by the masses. And no extreme hardware.

pve design said...

nice bag, looks like a shar-pei with all the wrinkles and looks like 'buttahry" soft leather!

Kwana said...

Hi Em. I have to check out Elliot Lucca. Sounds like a new hunt! Fun.
Wow, the girls are onto to Gucci and Chanel? My dream bags from them are about 2 grand. If you're a young girl with Gucci you'd better be staring in High School Musical!

Yes, PVE. It's so soft. I love it!

Ellen Gerstein said...

I love it! You made a great choice with that one. It's not easy is it?

I'm debating buying a new bag...I have a closet full, but I need the *right* bag for now, and I don't have it. I tend to get Kate Spade bags, mainly because I hit the semi-annual sample sales. But Kate isn't great if you have gadgets you travel with, as I do. But I don't want a bag that's too big, because then I just overstuff it. I like your no hardware tip, I'll have to remember that. GAP has a cool (RED) bag for sale, but only in one store in NY. I keep looking...maybe the economy will return by the time I find one?

Enjoy your new bag! Be sure to put a shinny penny in it for good luck.

Kwana said...

Hi Ellen. Thanks for visiting. Isn't it crazy how we have a closet full, but not the right one?

There really is a whole science to bag shopping especially when you have gadgets.

There is a nice new Kate Spade black bucket/hobo. I saw it at L&T. Not too big or small. Worth a check out.

Good luck with the RED bag. As for the economy, I can't say:)

Ananda said...

hi kwana. i just discovered your blog after reading brown girl gumbo. i love your post about the black bags. i have to admit that i am true bargain hunter. i found a really nice black bag that works as a lap top bag and purse in one for only $19.99 at ross. it fits me. i love it. i like the marc jacobs bag posted... i think that was the name....

Kwana said...

Hi Ananda. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you come again. I love a bargain. When you find something you love for a great price then it's a day to celebrate! Believe me, I'm a barigain hunter too.

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