Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Model TV

What’s Jack up to? Today he’s chilling on his perch, high on the couch where he can watch all of the block’s goings on and bark at whoever has the nerve to walk by our house.

I was reminded by some friends that tonight is a fun night for TV. It’s the premier of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10.

Have we really watched this thing 10 times? Oh well… I’ll be back again.

This time they are in New York which is where all model shows should be in my opinion. Now the girls will really have to put up with something. I’m sure the digs will be quite smaller and the designers just that much tougher in the fashion capital.

There is also a new judge, Paulina Porizkova, who 's replacing Twiggy. Ms. Twiggy was growing on me. She’ll be missed.

Now, I’m going to be totally foolish and make early predictions just based on the girl’s first pictures. Here are my top 4. Now how much to you want to bet that they will be the first 4 out?! That’s always the way with me.

So there’s Fatima who has quite an Iman look that I think the judges will point out over and over. And there’s Anya who reminds me of Liv Tyler a bit.

Dominique who has a cool exotic look. And the tough girl Marvita, who if I ‘m not mistaken is back from the previous season. Did she go to anger management?

Then it’s the Project Runway reunion show tonight. Let the whining begin! Waaa....




Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I just love ANTM!! I can't believe this is the 10th cycle!! I think having it back in NYC will make it even more interesting. Tonight is definitely a must-see TV night for me...American Idol, ANTM and Project Runway!!

Kwana, do you think that since ANTM has been on for so long, they're starting to choose the leftover model wannabes from previous casting calls? I'm starting to think that they might be running out of talent. So now they're selecting girls who didn't make it for the other seasons and just keep auditioning. Oh well, sorry for the long comment. :-)

Kwana said...

Hi Brown Girl. No need to be sorry. I love your comments! Glad to see another ANTM fan. One of my theories is that they find they made some mistakes letting some girls go. I thought Marvita should have stayed around longer.
They should be able to find plenty of beautiful girls for the show. Even if they change the criteria. There could be more plus size girls and even shorter girls. Who knows?

Em said...

Le sigh. I'm trying to decide if I am going to watch ANTM. The last couple of shows were rather disappointing but then again they are going to be in New York. This is the second show that's headed for New York. The "Real" Housewives of Orange County (bah) are heading to New York too.

Katie(babs) said...

Damns skinny chicks.
My friend is making me watch Top Model tonight. I am a Top Model virgin.

Marley Gibson said...

What did you think of the new crop? It's going to be a wild cycle!

pve design said...

Tyra needs an expert like "Carmen" on her show.
Someone with real class and elegance. You know, I have very little patience for TV, and even more for her Tyra.

Kwana said...

Em, I looking forward to the New York Housewives. But I'm sure I'll be totally annoyed by them pretty quick.

Katie, you must let us know what you think.

Marley, I don't know yet. Some are really good looking. some not so much.

Hey Patricia, I know you are not a TV-nista! I'm confused "carmen" who?

pve design said...

Carmen is one of the oldest models around and is in several shots by the famous photographer "Avedon" she has white hair and what a face! Look her up and you will see, classic beauty! Don't get me wrong Tyra is a beauty too, but she can be so cruel to those gals.

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