Friday, February 8, 2008

Jungle Survivor

What’s Jack up to? He’s just had a bath so now he’s running around circles like a loon, trying to dry off. Jack, slow down. You’re gonna make yourself crazier than you already are!

I almost forgot that Survivor was coming back. I was flipping channels and happened upon it. Survivor 16. Crazy. I think I'm ones of the still watching. Me and the handful of my kind who make picks on the winners after the first show.
This season it's fans vs. favorites. Some of our old buddies are back, James, who doesn't seem to actually own a shirt, Cirie, Yau-man and Johnny Fairplay who we know never plays fair.So I've made my early-bird picks and Yau-man is my 1st choice follow by Cirie.

We'll see who goes all the way.

So Lipstick Jungle premiered last night. Sex and the City for the non-cable set. I have to say I liked it much better than Cashmere Mafia. The main characters were way less annoying than the mafia ladies and had a realness to them despite the excess of the show. It's the story of three best friends that just happen to all be on the most powerful women in New York list. The show follows them as they try and juggle careers, kids, love and staying on top of the list.
And I have a soft spot for Brooke Shields. It always makes me happy when a child star makes it to adulthood without being a raving loon.

And the fashions, except for the opening show, which, gladly was supposed to be a mess, were fabulous. For a bonus we got to see Andrew McCarthy all grown up. Funny how he doesn’t annoy me like he used to when I was sixteen.
photos from cbs and nbc
After the show there was a news story on women who have it all. You know it, career, family and fab shoes. What do you think of the whole 'having it all thing'? Is it a possiblity or a myth retold every month in glossy mags?



Kristie (J) said...

I'm a Survivor watcher. It' always so confusing the first few episodes with way to many people *g*. I was rather surprised with Johnny Fairplay last night - odd that. I missed the first part of it so I didn't get to see who all of them were - thus a bit early to predict a winner for me yet.

Mel Francis said...

I am still a Survivor fan. Last night's started out great. But I was very disappointed in the ending. Honestly, I was so hopeful that the Johnny Fairplay show was just to get that Eliza girl ousted. I was hoping he was really playing a hidden Ace. But if he was, they didn't buy it and that was a bit disappointing. But it looks like overall, this will be a good season.

Kwana said...

Oh I'm so glad there are still fans out there. I'll add it to my update! I agree that I was dissapointed in the ending too. I thought Johnny Fairplay would be there for a while to annoy Jeff and cause trouble. Maybe Yau-Man really hurt his hand!

Katie(babs) said...

Andrew McCarthy!!!! I am such an 80's girl. He still looks hot.
I am a Lost junkie on Thursday night. I have no clue what is going on, but I go along for the ride. :)

Kwana said...

Hi Katie, I'm so lost when it comes to Lost. I keep vowing one day to just give up a weekend and watch all the eposides to figure it out.

If you're crazy for Andrew you should like Lipstick Jungle.

Mel Francis said...

i am totally with you on Andrew McCarthy, Katie. I'm an 80s girl all the way, and McCarthy still makes my heart go pitter patter!

Marley Gibson said...

How much do I love Jack? = )

Kwana said...

Hey Mar, I'll sell him to you for cheap.
Na, it if wern't for him what would I have to talk about?

Katie(babs) said...

I realize I have a crush on Hurley. He is so adorable!
But then there is Sawyer... sigh

Kwana said...

Sawyer is it! Always go for the bad boy.

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