Monday, February 25, 2008

Seeing Red

What's Jack up to? Today he's looking forward to a quiet Monday after the vacation week. It is going to be quiet right, Jack?

So last night was Oscar night. Thanks to the writer's strike being over it all went without a hitch. OK, well there were a few hitches on the red carpet but for the most part everyone did well.

Our favorite judge Heidi was definitely not out with her gorgeous red number which will be auctioned off for charity. We love her for that.

Red was the color of the night and worn well by many. Here are Katherine Heigl, Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway.

But for me, black is always the way to go. Jennifer Garner did it well here.

The biggest surprise for me was the amazing Ruby Dee not winning best supporting actress. To me she should have won it years ago and her performance in American Gangster was just wonderful. Can you belive she is 83 years old? Just beautiful.

The supporting actress winner, Tilda Swinton I'm sure did a wonderful job, but can we talk about this look? I'm all for individuality here, but, huh?

Now lets talk about everyone's favorite stripper with a heart of gold, Diablo Cody. How much we I love her snarky quick wit so evident in Juno that you need to watch it twice to get in all the jokes? And how much do we love the fact that she is and ex stripper who is now an Oscar winner? Wow. I also really liked the fact that Miss Diablo, who even got cheeky with Oprah, was at a loss for words and had to run off the Kodak stage because she was overrun with emotions. Aww.

Now the dress... I have no clue why she chose this. Maybe she wants to show she's not a conformist and will not be tamed, hence the animal print, but come on. With that gorgeous skin and hair, her body was begging to be sheathed in a simple black column with a small train. Oh well maybe next year.

As for the big Best Actor winner Daniel Day Lewis and his wife. I will not comment, but just say congratulations on a well deserved win.

Best, Kwana


Mel Francis said...

the brown shoes have GOT to go. but still, he's so awesome, he can totally get away with "worst dressed" and the way he looked at his wife...sigh.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

It really was a "red" carpet at the Oscars! I really didn't have a favorite dress. I guess if I had to pick, I think Heidi Klum looked the most elegant. I really liked her oversized bun.

I was bummed that Ruby Dee didn't win, but I hadn't seen any of the other movies. I really do want to see "Juno." It seems pretty hilarious.

Kwana said...

Ok, Mel. We'll give him a pass becuse we love a man that loves his wife.

Hi BG. I saw Juno. It was really good although a little easy on the teen pregnancy. You should see it though. Great dialogue.

nova said...

I will comment, why did his stylist not say something about those shoes?

Kristen Painter said...

I totally loved Diablo's dress. I mean, it was leopard, sparkly AND Dior - so me.

Anne Hathaway's dress is THE AWESOME.

But Daniel Day Lewis's wife's dress? Um. Wow. NO.

Kwana said...

Nova, I have to think (or at least hope) there was no stylist involved. How could there be?

Kristen, so you're a wild child eh?! So much fun. You're braver than me.
I thought Anne Hathaway was very pretty, but I would have perferred if her dress was a bit simplier.
Daniel's wife. Why such a choice? Why?

Kristie (J) said...

I stuck to my guns and didn't watch a moment of the Oscars. But I am enjoying looking at what they wore today.
And like I said - I prefer to remember DDL as Hawkeye :)

Kwana said...

Kristie, I'm glad you're enjoying the fashions today. Hawkeye. I forgot his characters name in Last of The Mohicans. I was like Mash? Huh? Duh, Kwana.

Mary-Laure said...

Anna Hathaway looked great, but my favorite was really Marion Cotillard, with her side parted hair and her siren dress...

Kwana said...

Hi Mary-laure, I love hearing all the opinions. I liked the shape of Marion's dress, but wasn't a fan of the fish scales. But it's Gaultier and you have to love his daring. I also thought her hair and make-up was beautiful.

Red River Interiors said...

Ruby Dee looked great...wanted her to win...hope I look as fab at 83!... Fay

Emma Petersen said...

Le sigh. I know my neighbors thought I was crazy last night. I screamed when Ruby Dee didnt win. I was like what the hell man! Come ON! Tilda is talented. I'll give them that but she can't hold a candle to Ruby Dee.

I'm all for individuality here, but, huh?

I don't know what she was wearing. I know a stylist didn't pick her dress out.

I loved Javier Bardem's speech. With his mom in the audience crying. Le sigh.

I think my favorite dress of the night was Anne Hathaway's. That red was gorgeous.

Kwana said...

Thanks Red River and Emma. I'm glad others were up in arms like me over Ruby Dee. What tha?!

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