Sunday, February 24, 2008

Flu Shot

I'm still a bit out of sorts, but I think I'm on an upturn. Hooray! Not being able to read and make any sense of the words, I pulled out this sock that I seem to have been knitting for a year. Sigh...
But, finally I'm turning the heel! I don't think there is anything else in the world like turning the heel to make me feel so smart and so dumb at the same time. Always in the middle I swear I'm doing it wrong. I'm never confidant in what I've done until I'm halfway back down the foot. Wish me luck on my journey.

Besides my knitting, I turned to my old standby of Pride and Prejudice to lift my spirits. Now I know it's on PBS tonight, but I was in dire need of an afternoon fix. Is there anything better on a snowy winter's day? I think not.




pve design said...

no sock prejudice here
just "pure pride"- proud of you and your ability to knit socks.
remember the other one!
how do you do it?

Kwana said...

It's slow going this time, Patricia. This is still the first in the pair. I don't know if it will ever get done. I'm already over it and onto the next project.
I do know that you would be a great sock knitter if you give it a go. Hint, hint.

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