Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reality Roundup

What's Jack up to? Today he's being a little devil and sneaking in where he doesn't belong causing trouble at every turn. Oh, you're lucky you are so cute, Jack.

I have to say I loved the Project Runway reunion and I will miss the show when it’s over.
My favorite moment was Heidi calling Victorya out for being such a pill then Tim Gunn agreeing with her! Man would someone tell me why she has such a stick up her butt. It’s kind of hilarious.
The Kevin cry fest was too funny. Aww little Emotionita, Were you really crying over the accessory wall?
Now I know this is totally rubbing some of you the wrong way (Mar I love ya), but the "fierce" (in his own mind) Christian won the fan favorite. Now I would have been happier if it was Chris ,but I’m not surprised at all that it was Christian. He was serving it all season with the designs and the attitude. I mean he even had Tim saying "fierce". Congrats, Christian!

- oh, my! Were there really fights in the prelims? Goodness what will happen in the house? What did we learn last night? I guess it's that crazy comes in all shapes and sizes.

Anya, is that a Hawaiian accent? Really? I’m not sure the folks in Hawaii would agree. Eek.
Claire, Why is your hair cut like that on one side? She’s just begging to have it all cut off on the makeover show. Can you say wig fest?
Kim- oh Lord, I just hope she smartens up as the show goes on. Is there anybody up there?
My surprise was Allison. She grew on me and has a real Sarah Silverman quality about her. I think she may go far. It should be an interesting season.

One other point, like Survivor and making fire, girls when you know you’re going on the show, why don’t you learn to walk? These are some of the worst walkers Ev-ah! Miss J please work it out!
I can’t wait to see how the season goes. Should be fun.



Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I didn't get a chance to watch either show last night. I'm glad to hear that Christian won the People's Choice award or whatever it's called! LOL He was funny. If it weren't for him, this season would've been quite boring. There's still no cast better than the one with Santino!!!

I will catch both the PR reunion and ANTM tonight. Thank goodness for DVR!

Emma Petersen said...

Anya, is that a Hawaiian accent? Really? I’m not sure the folks in Hawaii would agree.

Roflmao. I was thinking the same thing.

I love Alison. She, Fatima and Claire are my favorites. I LOVE Claire's hair. Yes, I know I'm weird.

I'm so not into Marita or whatever that child's name is. She's angry and rude.

I actually enjoyed last nights episode. And if I start watching I know it will only be for Tyra and Miss Jay.

Kwana said...

Hi Emma. Miss Jay is worth watching for. Yes, Marvita is pretty angry, but we'll see how she grows. Claire's hair is cool in the real world, but pretty limiting for the show. I hope you continue to watch. It's good fun!

Brown Girl you'll have to stop back and give your thoughts once you watch. ANTM was over the top!
Yes, Santino was so funny!

David Dust said...

Hey Kwana -

I was surprised that our little Mango/Christian won the "People's Choice" award (as Brown Girl Gumbo called it - lol!). And Miss Victorya is EVIL!

Click here for DavidDust's Project Runway Reunion recap.

Kwana said...

David your recap was major! Loved it. I left a comment that I hope you're watcing Top chef so I have something to look forward to.

I wasn't too surprised with Mango and yes Victorya is so EVIL. There are scary fairy tales being written about her as we speak.

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