Wednesday, February 6, 2008

North and South has done me in

What's Jack up to? He's quite playful today and constantly getting into trouble. Jack where are my shoes?

Thanks to my PIC, Megan, I am undone.
“You’ve got to watch North and South,” she said so innocently. “Trust me you will love it.” Little did I know that this BBC drama had mystical powers and by about 1/2 hour into it I would thoroughly be inducted into the N&S cult? How perfect can a mini-series be? Pretty darned perfect. I finished it with the hugest grin on my face and wanting to cry all at the same time. It was an emotional slug fest.
What can I say about Richard Armitage that hasn’t been said on a hundred other blogs? Probably nothing- the many You Tube fan videos prove it - but I’ll go anyway. Those hard eyes, strong jaw and that sweeping nose that was often times a scene stealer. He’s instantly up there on my list of top brooding heartthrobs. A pure Alpha male in every way. So thanks Megan. The next dude will sure have some big shoes to fill. Man, I want to write a guy like that when I grow up.

And that kiss. Well. That kiss. It jumps high up on my list of most swoon –worthy cinema moments. Up there with greats like:
-The Happy Birthday scene in Mississippi Masala. You know you loved it. Denzel and a whispered serenade. Come on.
-The final kiss between Bridget and Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones Diary. Naked, snow and being wrapped in his coat. So warm.
-The first dance between Lizzie and Mr. Darcy from the bbc Pride and Prejudice. Just a touch of the hand and she was done for.
-And now the Kiss between Margaret and John in North and South. I’m sure you can just imagine what that train ride to Milton was like.

Now it’s your turn to share. Who are some of your all time swoon-worthy scenes or heroes from books or film? Do tell. Confession is good for the soul.


So, now where can I get my hands on some episodes of Robin Hood?


Marley Gibson said...

I've never heard of this! There was a mini-series back in the 80s called NORTH SOUTH, based on John Jake's bestsellers and I thought of that immediately. What is this story about? Looks really great.

And I totally agree with you on the kissing scenes. Add to it the scene in GONE WITH THE WIND when Rhett sweeps Scarlett into his arms and kisses her and then says, "You've turned me out while you chased Ashley Wilkes, while you dreamed of Ashley Wilkes. This is one night you're not turning me out." -- followed by the sweep up the staircase. Oh yeah!

Kwana said...

Marley, how could I forget that scene from Gone With The Wind? Perfect.

You have got to see this North and South. I know at first I was thinking of the 80's too. But no, this is British and so different. Run and rent it or get it from the library. You'll be a convert too.

It's all tragedy and love in the North of England during the industrial revolution. Just fantastic.

Wendy Roberts said...

What positively YUMMY pictures!!

Kwana said...

Aren't they, Wendy?! I may have a new hero.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Welcome to the cult Kwana. You'll be getting your secret decoder ring and a life-size poster of Richard Armitage in the mail. While you're putting Robin Hood in your Net-flix cue (what you say you don't have Net-Flix? for shame!), also put in the final episodes of the Vicar of Dibley where he falls in love with the plus-size gloriousness of Dawn French.

Anonymous said...

Looks perfect for a rainy/snowy weekend!

Kwana said...

Hey Elizabeth. Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I'll have to get the Vicar of Dibley. This could easily become a big problem!

Tracy, it is soooo perfect for a rainy/snowy weekend. When you see it please write back.

Marg said...

At the moment I am too obsessed with RA to think of much more than just North and South! Welcome to the crusade!

Kwana said...

Thanks Marg! RA can take over your mind.

KT Grant said...

RA's neck in North and South did me in. That is how far gone I am.
And as Guy in Robin Hood, OMG. Marian is such a dope for taking robin over our man who wears leather so well :)

pve design said...

please see manon!
can't wait to watch North South!
love his side-burns!

Kristie (J) said...

Hey Kwana!! Welcome to the Crusade!! Is not North and South just perfection?!?!?!?!
First off of course is Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe as Richard Thornton and Margaret Hale - totally perfect casting!
Then there is the actors who play other roles - Higgins, John's mother, Bessie etc.
Then there is the story. As much as I totally adore the romance in this series, the whole story is riveting.
The cinematography it spectacular!
The musical score - haunting.
I've run out of words to describe it right about now so I'm repeating myself a lot I know.
And now you too know why we have a whole Crusade going on *huge grin*

Kristie (J) said...

And I meant to say too - I love that clip you included!! Of ALL of the YouTube videos I've watched - and trust me - there have been MANY - I hadn't seen that one. It's very grand!

Kwana said...

Kristie, You're so right. The whole story was perfect! I just loved the whole cast inc. John's mother and I could go on and on about Nicholas. It was beautifully photographed and, yes, the music was fantastic. Thanks so much for the crusade!

Katie, I can't wait to see Robin Hood. I've got to wait for the library to get it in. Darn.

Patricia, I've got to get on Manon boat. I can't wait until you see N&S.

Amanda McCabe/Amanda Carmack/Laurel McKee said...

"You'll be getting your secret decoder ring and a life-size poster of Richard Armitage in the mail."

Okay, Elizabeth, so where is my poster, too??? I joined some time past...

Kwana, it seems like everyone who sees N&S becomes One of Us! I think there must be subliminal messages somewhere in there. And "Robin Hood" is fun, too, though I spend the episodes shouting at the TV "Mr. Thornton!!! You should be ashamed of yourself for being so MEAN!" (The RH isn't bad, either)

Melissa Walker said...

a british version of NORTH AND SOUTH?! is it about the civil war? i guess vivian leigh herself was a brit! does it feature patrick swayze? i remember watching THAT one as a kid, and loving it. but i was 8 or so, so my judgment may have been off. this one sounds great!

Kristie (J) said...

If I may respond to Melissa - since I have this down pat now *g*
Nope - this North and South has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Civil War miniseries from the 70's (80's?) with Patrick Swayze.
Instead it is a four hour BBC production based on a book written in the 1800's by Elizabeth Gaskell (which predates Howard Fast's novel *g*)
It's the story of a young vicar's daughter - Margaret who comes from the agricultural South of England. Her father gives up the clergy and moves his family to Milton, an industrial city in the North of England (thus the North and South) It is in this town of Milton where Margaret meets a young ambitious mill owner - John Thornton (played by the Oh So Very Handsome Richard Armitage)
Margaret at first is repulsed by Mr. Thornton (and in all honesty until we see why) understandably so.
It's a Very Fine Romance (with an HEA) but it's also So Much More. It's a real study in the rise of unions - in the birth of the middle class so to speak.
It truly is a remarkable series and well worth watching!!!
So far everyone me and my two cohorts have convinced to give it a try have LOVED it - except for one person - and even she still gave it a thumbs up - she just wasn't quite as enraptured as the rest of us have been..
And now - I will give the floor back to Kwana - since it's her blog :)

Melissa Walker said...

ok, good to know. next stop: netflix!

sula said...

just jumping in to say, hooray and welcome to the crusade. The deliciousness that IS North and South is darn near impossible to resist. Beautiful casting, amazing performances, intriguing story, great dialogue, I could keep going. I showed it to my family when they visited over Xmas and they all loved it, boys included. *g*

You really do have to see Richard in Robin Hood. Totally swoonworthy and morally ambiguous. Ok, who am I kidding. He's the bad guy. But oh...who doesn't secretly want the bad boy?

sula said...

oh yeah, back to really do have to see this picture.

We call it simply "white shirt".


Kwana said...

Kristie, you rocked it! Thanks so much. Melissa, please let us hear from you after you watch. You will love it sooo much. Then you can be a crusader too and a member in full standing in Kristie's "cult"!

Amanda I can't wait to get my decoder ring! Should I wear it on my left hand? What would my DH say?

This is my most fun blogging day ever! I'll surely be putting RA updates here again.

Kwana said...

Oh Sula, the bad boy is always where it's at! Thanks so much for "white shirt". Swoony!

I've made so many friends today!
Please all continue to stop back.

Kristie (J) said...

So far this has been one of the best and most unexpected side benefits of The Crusade - meeting so many new bloggers!! I'm glad Megan, your PIC convinced you to give it a try ;-}

Kwana said...

I'm glad too. Thanks Megan!

sula said...

Glad you enjoyed 'white shirt'. It's a classic. Oh and you're gonna love our boy in Vicar of Dibley. So fantasticly funny and shy and adorable. *sigh*

Kristie is right. Half of the fun of this is meeting new bloggers. We'll be back! You're on my list now. :)

Kwana said...

Thanks so much, Sula! I'll be "visiting" you too.

Stacy~ said...

This is one cult I fully support. So glad you loved it Kwana. I still can't get enough of RA, and I'm excited to have gotten the latest Netflix DVD today. I'll be spending my weekend with Richard ;)

Marg said...

Ah white shirt! Always a welcome sight!

Kwana said...

Hi Stacy. I know your weekend will be loevly. Enjoy.

Thank goodness for a simple white shirt.

Megan Frampton said...

Sula, thanks for the white shirt. Yow.

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