Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

What’s Jack up to? Jack is wearing himself out with the construction guys around this week. He doesn’t know what to do. One minute he’s barking like crazy the next he’s flopped dead on the couch. Me? I’m worn out too.

The Spring Break week was full of unfortunate events. Well, it started with me still out of sorts with my crazy backlash where I was in much better shape but not tip-top from my back going out. Then things just went wacky and all sorts of stuff kept happening.
The DH took his car for a check ending up needing breaks. Big money and in the shop they crashed his bumper. Who does that?

Then… I got a flat tire. On Good Friday coming from church.

Then… My DD’s last fish died right after speaking not so nicely about the fish. Hmmm....

Then…the worst happened. Blackberry fail! I’m sitting in church, my phone on silent. I look in my bag for a pen and my phone is lit up and going crazy. Huh? I get out of church and ¾ of my pictures are erased. Including my screensaver. My favorite pic of my Twins. I was devastated. I wanted to throw the phone out on the highway. Verizon is no help. Says the phone is bad and will give me a new one. It is no consolation. The memory is gone. A bee is in my bonnet and I can’t let it go. I feel there must be some way to bring them back. Nothing is ever just gone. Blackberry how can you fail me?

So…the Spring break week ended to go right into this. I woke up Monday morning exhausted after Easter and wishing I could sleep in but Dear Teen Twins had to get off to school and the DH off to work. Honestly, I had planned to go back for a nap. I thought the contractor was going to give me a call to discuss the final stair plans. Um…no.

The kids are gone and my DH is just out the door. I’m settled to write a blog post I was too exhausted to write the night before when Jack starts to bark like mad. I get out of bed look out the window and there are 2 trucks, 6 guys and my contractor (yeah, this could be the start of a great story but this is me) And I’m still in my nightgown (not a nice one) with hair sticking up like Woody Woodpecker. Oh Crap.

Help me Jack! I look He’s just barking and no help with finding clean clothes.
Quick grab ye old jeans and sweater from the top of the hamper pile, pull on boots smooth hair and go for it. Smile. You’re on! The week begins.

On an up note they are doing a fine job on my stairs. Contractors are great and adorable with thick Irish brogues. (yeah sounds like a book again.)

And soon my stairs will no longer be a danger. Pics to come.
Thanks for letting me gripe today. I needed to get all that out.
Let’s hope things are looking up.


Wait! They are looking up! On this tax day I want to say Happy Birthday to Ceska!! One of my nearest, dearest and oldest friends. "Yeah girl, you are older than me. I'm holding onto these couple of months."
Ceska and I have been friends since we were maybe 10 or so on the play ground. I even held her hand in the delivery room with her first child one New Year's Eve night (the hand was never the same!) She's always had my back and sadly has the memory of an elephant. Darn. That's not so good. LOL.
So even though it's tax day. It's never a sad day for me because it's my crazy girl's birthday. I'll always think of us as roller skating disco diva's in the 80's.
Love ya Ces!

P.S. The Last Unfortunate Event, this post was supposed to post hours ago but I put the time in wrong. PM instead of AM. Sigh. Am I under a cloud?


Deidra said...

No cloud, just the ups and downs of life. Darn those downs! But - speaking of ups and downs - I can't wait to see your stairs! Here's to a spectacularly amazing day for you! And happy birthday wishes to your dear friend! Will you get to see her today?

Kristen Painter said...

Wow, what a sucky bunch of crap. Sorry you had to deal with all that! I'm sure a really good week is headed your way.

Sheryl said...

LOL...I'm here for you, just tweeter.

Joyce said...

Kwana, you are a HOOT! I was visualizing the whole scene!! LOL... I too had the great experience of seeing birth first hand. It is THE most beautiful experience EVER!! I was just telling my youngest niece on Easter. That someday, don't forget to go to my bible under my favorite passage and there is a letter for her to read. I don't remember what I wrote since I wrote it 17 yrs ago after the experience and sealed it.
As for your phone did you go into the store to see if they can help? Sometimes this is better then being on the phone. I'm with you there has to be someway to get it. Especially with all of the talk about kids and texting photos from their cell phones. I'm sure they have had to retrieve some of these photos. Can't wait to see your stair photos. Enjoy! xoxo

Louisa Edwards said...

Screw the crackberry--get an iPhone! LOL Hope things get better today.

Legallyblondemel said...

Hope things calm down shortly!

When you powered up your Blackberry, did the photos not sync to your computer? That could just be an iPhone thing. In any event, what a bummer that those photos are gone!


erase the un in unfortunate Kwana...ahh wish life could be like our PC keyboards!!! delete button pleassse... ;)

pve design said...

I think it is a sign that you need to write comedy - because I am rolling here, laughing and I love the way you connected the dots with books and cleverness.
Things do come in spades so look to the sun for bright days to come and more fortunate events.
Let us know if they found any "loot" underneath those stairs. My plumber tells me he has found many a stone in the pipes, rubies and such! Keep your eye on the gems!

pve design said...

Oh, silly me - forgot to wish Ceska a happy b-day!
May your day be full of sunshine and those you love!

Jax Cassidy said...

Happy Birthday Ceska! :) I thought I'd mimic you.

Sorry to hear about the chaos. I know my nieces devoured those Unfortunate Events books when they first came out....

Can't wait to see those pics!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Hope you're having a perfect day Kwana!!

Ina J Offret said...

Yikes! But... not every day can be a delicious chocolate cupcake topped with marshmallow frosting..... xoxo :)

Debra said...

Kwana~ I hope you are having a better day today- I sense smooth sailing now! Vacation weeks are hard!

N said...

Oh dear for you but thank you for the entertainment! Tomorrow will be a much better day, won't it? :-)

The stairs are looking great - snuck a peek the other day!

Yvonne said...

Hee-hee!! I'm never properly dressed so I'm sure I look a completely lunatic when anyone comes over. I love your description of your hair. Seriously. I nearly spit my water out.

The only good thing about bad days that they help you truly appreciate the good ones.

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