Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fashion will find you

What's Jack up to today? Frolicking in the the wet morning grass, then coming inside to jump on my couch. Oh, Jack.

So, the Wellie saga continues. There may be a compromise on the horizon, but I'm not ready to do that just yet. More to come later.

Now, because of the Wellie woes, a good friend of mine sent me over to Kohl's. It was a bust in the way-too-obsessed-boot department, but I scored big in the sweater department!
I found the cutest black and grey marled sweater, with swingy sleeves and three big buttons. It's something I wish I could knit. But for the bargain price I paid, it would get me just one ball of yarn, maybe 1/4 of a sleeve. It was meant to be.

Here's a little sketch of it. Don't laugh, it's been a while since I've picked up the pencil.

On the writing front, I'm just about ready to send my newest project to my agent.
Nail biting will ensue.
It's always tough putting yourself out there. Doing any type of art always takes a leap of faith and a certain amount of daring. You're putting what you value out in the world to be judged, hopefully kindly.

Go me!



Marley Gibson said...

Your drawings are so amazing! Have you thought of looking on eBay for the Wellies? Just a thought...

Kwana said...

Thanks Marley. It was fun to sketch again. I'll have to do more.

I have checked ebay. No luck yet on what I want. But I'm not giving up. I'll keep looking.

Braque68 said...

Hi Kwana,

Love the drawing. You should definitely do more. And the sweater looked so darn cute on you!



Kwana said...

Thanks Sue!

pve design said...

Lucky me witnessed the fashionista sporting the new purchase which looked way expensive with great style!
A writer needs to be fashionably chic and prepared to sign all those copies as the line squirrels out the door and down the avenue. That will be you, sooner than you can snap!

Kwana said...

Thanks Patricia. You know I'm always hopeful.

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