Thursday, January 10, 2008

High School Mania

What's Jack up to? Why he's just chillin' right now after giving the house a 4:30 a.m. bark-fest. We get it, Jack. You're a ferocious guard dog. Ohhh we're sooo scared. Now be quiet.

I loved the prom dress challenge last night. But from the looks on the contestant’s faces when the models came out, it seems I was the only one.

Victorya looked so pissed at having to do this challenge, the anguish was all over her face. Then she had the nerve to get dissed by her high-school model, who told her she picked her because she got the last choice. Ha! But, I have to say Victorya redeemed herself from last week's mess. Really cute dress. Totally prom.

Christian, as usual was like a little bolt of lightning. Then he got Miss Maddy who was super opinionated and studying design herself. She took the pencil right out of his hand! Perfect. Maddy sent Christian to the floor, in a fetal position. Taken down by a seventeen year old. Fantastic. Power in a pleated skirt. Maybe he learned something this week.

Ricky, I’m now officially tired of the hat. And when are you gonna stop crying? It’s not that deep, dude. I thought his dress was sweet though, even with the awful workmanship on the bottom.

Sorry, Rami you were not the golden child tonight. The panel was right. His dress was too old for a prom dress. Cut the back-talk and do the challenge right. We already know you've got it, but never forget the client. She's seventeen for goodness sake!

Kevin saying he’d put a chastity belt in the prom dress was priceless. Too bad his dress was sad. Old and sad. He was sweet though. He’ll be missed.

I also loved all the prom pictures. They took me back to my own My Fair Lady Moment.

And as always, Love you Tim Gunn. The voice, The stance, The Tim Gunn-isims. Just everything. Make it work.

For more PR fun check out the cartoon sketch of Christian on the Project Rungay blog. Fierce!



pve design said...

deja vu - college critique days when we'd stay up all night and then get ripped apart. all in good fun!
you are too funny!

Kwana said...

Yes, it does remind you of back in design school.

nova said...

I am not a designer just a fan of PR; but, I have to say it, I love Christian. He makes me laugh like no one on reality ever has (maybe it's because he is the youngest?)...he is sooOOo fierce...ahem.

Kwana said...

I agree, Nova. Christian is fab. I hope he stays around if just for the fun of it.

Thanks for checking me out! Please, come back again.

Marley Gibson said...

I finally watched the episode on DVR last night. I think Christian should have been thrown off for that MONSTROSITY of a dress! was horrible. I thought Chris or Sweet Pea should have won. Chris' dress was gorgeous and elegant. Sweet Pea really impressed me with her design. I still haven't warmed up to Victorya. I think she's going to be the Chloe Doa -- in other through the middle until she gets to the final three.

Man, I love this show!!!!

Kwana said...

Ha, Mar, I don't think Victorya has warmed up to Victorya! But you are probably right about her ending up in the final three.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Loved this challenge. It is nice when the designers are forced to create for real body types.

Kwana said...

You're right, Brilliant Asylum, Designers have to learn that not the world is not a size 0. Far from it.

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