Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

What's Jack up to? Today he's feeling frisky and for some reason flipping around on the couch like its a trampoline. What up with that, Jack?

So, here's something to ponder. Another, what up with that?

What's up with Little Miss Size 2 walking into the WW meeting in 20 degree weather wearing a little zip top and a tennis skirt?No coat, no pants, no leggings, no nothing? Just the tiny tennis skirt. Now, I know I may sound petty, but come on!
It's a WW meeting! What ya trying to prove Size 2?
Is there 5 lbs in your feet that's really bugging you and has you running off the court and to an organized diet program? I know you may be a lifetime member and a huge success and all, but did you have to prance back and forth before choosing your seat just to make sure we all could see you?
Watch out. The mother of the wiggling 1 1/2 year old wanted to trip you up. Next time sit down and put some sweatpants on!

All that said, just you wait until summer when I'm sashaying in there in my tennis skirt!
Rant over. Enjoy the weekend.



Mel Francis said...

amen, sister! I'm with you 100% there. Sure, she could be a lifetime member, but can't they have their own "special" weigh-in times? Seeing Little Miss Size 2 never inspires just pisses me off!

Kwana said...

Ha! Love Ya Mel! And love the "special" room.

Marley Gibson said...

LOLOL to both of you! I love the special room idea. Course, I guess that's why I do WW online. No one to skirt around in front of me.

Ellen Gerstein said...

I just don't get the culture of walking around town in your tennis skirt. Yes, I wear one in the club and on the courts. THEN I CHANGE OUT OF IT. Summer or winter, doesn't matter. You're having the same reaction as I do when I walk around DeCiccos on a summer friday at lunchtime, assaulted by tennis skirt women who mock the fact that I have to go back at work and they've spent 3 hours perfecting their backhand so it's good enough to kick my butt. OK, no one has actually said this, and most of these women are my friends, but still...

Rant over...too...


Kwana said...

Marley, There is totally something to that WW on-line. No thin thigh envy.

Ellen, I love that mental image! I can see the ladies you're talking about. Keep swinging. I'm sure you're kicking your fair share of butt too.

Megan Frampton said...

I don't mind size 2s thinking they need to lose some, or maybe they're emotional eaters and need support, or whatever, but the tennis skirt/no coat thing pisses me off.

Kwana said...

Don't forget the prancing, Megan. She was clearly showing off her small thighs.
As the the emotional eater. I get that. They are excused.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Are you actually going to play tennis in your cute little tennis skirt or are you just going to prance around?

Kwana said...

I'm not sure there, Elizabeth. I guess I'd find a balance between playing and prancing.

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