Monday, January 7, 2008

Wellie woes

What's Jack up to? Today he's enjoying the crazy January weather. It's almost 60 degrees in New York. So, he's pretty happy to have folks (me) take him for walks and not complain or rush him.

So, I'm having Wellie woes. Truth be told, I'm always having shoe problems. Through no fault of my own, just genetics (thanks parents), I have huge size 11 feet. Sure people placate me with ,"but you're tall". I don't care. That does me no good when I fall in love with a particular shoe and find it only goes up to size 10. UGH! And yes I've checked all the major online and retail sources. And they do have plenty of shoes in size 11, but of course they are not the cute shoes I want.

All that said, right now I'm on a hunt for some slick shiny black Wellies. I fell in love with a pair at 9west only to be told no size 11. Not even on the web. I guess they didn't make them.

I have found one pair by Evercreatures but they are only in the UK so they'll be all over priced with the shipping. A sane woman would just give it up, but I'm afraid that won't do and I'm not that sane. Any time I see some cute size 7 sashay by me in some funky Welles, I'll have the incredible urge to trip her up.

What's a size challenged fashionista to do?

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