Monday, January 14, 2008

Welcome to 1950

I have to say a domestic goddess, I'm not. (See earlier post. The dust bunnies under my furniture even has, Jack sneezing).
But this weekend I did something that was so domestic it made me smile and almost put on an apron.

I got a crock-pot, well, a slow cooker since it's not from Rival, but from Hamilton Beach. But I digress. I'd been thinking of buying one for quite a while. For he past year, I'd see them in Sears, or Tar-jay and stop, stare a bit then walk on by. "Come on, am I really gonna use that or is it going to be tossed in the 'never will' bin like my had-to-have-it basting set?"

But recently a neighbor and knitting buddy of mine was telling me all about the wonders of a slow cooker. She said I just had to have one. She uses hers all the time. I was shocked. She's an artist, from Australia, with a super cool haircut. Soooo not the Crock-pot type.

Then got my new issue of Real Simple and once again I was assaulted with the virtues of the Crock-pot. That was it. A sign.

On Saturday the DH and I were in Kmart and found ourselves (well, I found myself and called him over) in front of the slow cookers.
I said: I had to get one.
He looked at me and smirked.
I said: what's that for?
He rolled his eyes. Obviously he was thinking of the basting set.
I just shook my head, choose one and asked him to carry it to the check out, through clenched teeth.
One look and my expression and the DH knew I would not be moved. He picked up the pot and went to check out.

On Sunday, after searching the web for recipes and an afternoon trip to the grocery I came home make what I hoped would be life changing rosemary chicken with, potatoes, peas and onions. An hour later I realized why it's called a slow cooker. The chicken was still pink and the DH was volunteering to go out for Chinese. Sigh.
I scowled and he went back to the Giants game.
After much hand wringing, stress knitting and 4 hours. It was done!

I made plates for everyone and hovered as the DH and DS took their first bites (the DD was spared because she'd ate out earlier).

Success! Seconds all around. The chicken was tender and moist and the potatoes cooked perfectly.

Easy one pot cooking.
And guess what's for dinner tonight? Sorry DD. It's a pretty big pot.

Welcome to 1950, Kwana!


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

We had a crockpot or slow cooker as they call them now growing up. It was great for things like pot roast and chili, but since I don't eat meat, and I'm not sure how many fish recipes you can cook with one of those things I think I will pass. I do want me a wok though.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I have a slow cooker too and it's amazing!!! I made red beans and rice in it once and it was so delicious. I've been meaning to put it to use again in the recent months, but I haven't for some reason. You've inspired me to start crock cooking again!

pve design said...

Do you know about the "slow food" movement?
We all need something to slow us down and savour life.

Kwana said...

Hi Elizabeth. I don't know how many fish dishes you can cook, but I know there are some great vegtable dishes on the Food Network site.

Hi Brown Girl. I'm glad to have inspired you. I can't wait until these leftovers are done so I can fire it up again.

Hi Patricia. I didn't know about the slow food movement, but slowing down is always a good thing in life.

Marley Gibson said...

The meal sounds DEEEELISH, Kwana! That's awesome! Reminds me (like Elizabeth) of growing up with my mother making meals in them. I know you can put them on a timer and what have you, but I'd be afraid to have it turn itself on while I'm still at work. I'm the person who unplugs all the lamps when we go on vacation. LOL!!

Was it a whole chicken or just chicken breast? The curious foodie wants to know. = )

pam said...


I want a slow cooker too! My friend Jen has one and uses it all the time. Great for spaghetti sauce and she has an amazing recipe for chicken in wine and brandy with mushrooms. Am getting hungry thinking about it.

:) Pam

Kwana said...

Hi Marley. It was made with bomeless, skinless chicken thighs. I'm like you. I don't think I'll be turning it on and leaving it. Too scary. But I would put the meal on the morning and go to writing.

Hey Pam. I say go for it! It was really inexpensive. I paid less than 25.00. Well worth it.

pve design said...

ok, now this is too funny, visit
"crockpot365" blog and be inspired every day!

Braque68 said...

Hi Kwana,

So thrilled you bought a crockpot! It will save you so much time and you will make some yummy meals. And I have left the house with it on and it is perfectly safe!

here is the website that I go to for all my crockpot recipes.

Happy Cooking!


Kwana said...

Thanks Patricia and thanks Sue for the crock pot push!

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