Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wellie woes part deux

What's Jack up to? Today's he's busy getting into my knitting bag and unraveling yarn. How many times do I have to tell you, you are not a cat, Jack!

So, being like a dog with a bone, I refuse to give up my size 11 shiny black Wellie search.

At 11:45 last night I thought I had finally hit pay dirt. At JC Penny of all places. There they were. Shiny, black, OK, the shaft could be taller, (laugh here if you like) but it was fine. I was happy. Really and truly happy as the DH can attest to.

I scroll down the sizes and see it. 11. Oh the joy! I jump off the bed and do a premature happy dance.
Then I select my size then hit the add to shopping cart button. Nothing.

I hit again. Nothing.

Then I see it popped up in red: This item is no longer available.

UGH. The horror.

But watch out, all of you conspiring to keep my away from my dream boots. I will not give up. Onward to fashion nirvana!



pve design said...

Oh, things always have a way of working out - try "Le Chameau" authentic wellies at BestGear.com for the perfect "Cinder-wella Wellies!

Kwana said...

Thanks Patricia.

Alice said...

Really a dazzling look. My friend got the similar boots from Boot Barn last month.

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