Thursday, January 17, 2008

Neither Avant or Garde

What's Jack up to? Jack's unusually quiet this morning. It may be that he's afraid that I'm going to make him get down from his high couch perch that he's come to love. So he's buried himself deep into the pillows like he's trying to blend into the surroundings. Don't worry, Jack I'm over it. I'll just vacuum and Fabreze the couch when company comes.

Neither Avant or Garde. That's what the judges seemed to think about Kit and Ricky's designs last night. I have to say I agree. Although their major design was sweet in and Alice in Wonderland meets Gone With The Wind kind of way, it just didn't go far enough. So one of them had to go and it was Kit's night. We'll miss the sweet bleached blond. It was a good run.

What was one of the major things we learned with this episode? Well, it's that we don't want to work in Rami's showroom before fashion week. Why, he made the pierced and heavily tattooed Sweet P cry. Toughen up girl! You don't have to take that mess. I don't care if he is The Drapemaster.

Team Victorya and Jillian. Uh-oh. They cracked me up with all their soft talking that was so filled with venom I was feeling poisoned in my bedroom. But props to that major coat. It was a work of art, tough as nails and beautiful to boot. Loved it.
Did we all love the show intro and watching Christian flat iron his hair? That hair could have totally been a project inspiration this week.

I loved the Diva Duo of Chris and Christian. They were the clear winners to me with their tornado of organza. The cell tower collar was nutty at first but when the model turned and the end of the runway and created the picture it was just amazing. Great job guys. How happy am I that Chris got to come back? Could he make the final three? I hope so. I thing that would be a runway show to remember.



Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I felt like the team who won deserved it the most. Although Christian can be a wee bit, annoying there's something so hilarious and likable about him. He definitely has personality and that always makes for great TV!

Kwana said...

I really like crazy Christain. I think he makes the show this season. Without his personality the show would be dead.

Melissa said...

I love Christian. He's fabulous. And making his model do that coutoure pose (shrunken shoulders, as illustrated on your blog pic) was totally fierce.

Jillian's coat is something I would pay to own though. GORGEOUS.

Nice recap!

Kwana said...

Thanks Melissa! I'm glad you like it. I'm so stuck on the Bravo shows.

Kwana said...

Melissa, I just found you blog and Love it. Totally a fav! I'm an Oprah nut. My motto is. "All roads lead to Oprah!:

Melissa said...

Yes, we have some things in common, for sure. Esp in our TV habits! Can't wait for your Top Chef run-downs!

Kwana said...

Thanks Melissa. I hope to do a good job. Top Chef can get pretty heated.

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