Friday, January 4, 2008

Weekend knitting

What's Jack up to? Just chillin'. It's really a good life on the weekend.

I wanted to share my slow progress on this pair of socks I'm working on. I just love the richness of this Mountain Colors yarn. There's just something about knitting a pair of socks. It makes you feel so darn smart and really you don't have to me 'that' smart. You just have to be able to follow directions.

I've knitted a few pair now (the second sock is always a true test of fortitude) but, so far, this pair here in this wonderful Lang self patterning yarn is my favorite. How fancy am I knitting something like this? No one really has to know that it's the genius behind the self patterning yarn that makes it come out this way. Hee Hee. Love it. And a bonus is knitting keeps my fingers busy, so I can't eat. It's a total replacement strategy.

Oh and I got these clogs just to show off the socks. What a crunchy/granola fashionista I am!

One day I'll get brave enough to try a pair with a cable. Eek.



pve design said...

sock diet is good, i say go for the cable.

Marley Gibson said...

I'm going to pay you to make me some socks! = )

Kwana said...

I'll try the cable soon, Patricia. You know I have to find the perfect yarn.

I'd be happy to teach you, Marley. Knight lesson at NEC?

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